"Partridge with Daisies" by Bruno Liljefors
“Partridge with Daisies” by Bruno Liljefors

They are not callow like the young of most birds, but more perfectly developed and precocious even than chickens. The remarkably adult yet innocent expression of their open and serene eyes is very memorable. All intelligence seems reflected in them. They suggest not merely the purity of infancy, but a wisdom clarified by experience. Such an eye was not born when the bird was, but is coeval with the sky it reflects. The woods do not yield another such a gem.
~ Henry David Thoreau

Welcome Summer!

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    1. Thank you, Mags. I guess your winter is beginning now that our summer has started. Staying inside with the air conditioning today – air quality alert!

    1. Thank you, Sheryl! Today I’m enjoying the great indoors – air quality alert, but my poor head was telling me something was wrong before it was made official by the weather service…

  1. I’ve read Thoreau’s quote several times.
    “They are not callow like the young of most birds…”
    “All intelligence seems reflected in them.”
    “The woods do not yield another such a gem.”
    – I assume he’s talking about partridges? Interesting!

    Great painting. I love daisies and one doesn’t often see such a lovely composition with them.

    1. Yes, Thoreau was talking about patridges! It’s interesting the things he perceived about different creatures – they all seemed special to him in various ways. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a partidge in the woods – I wonder what my own impression of one would be…

  2. I love the thought of the sky reflecting in the dark of a bird’s eye. It makes such sense that a life spent partially in flight would yield ‘such a gem’!

    1. I had to look up the definition of coeval, Aubrey. “Having the same age or date of origin; contemporary.” To possess eyes as old and as wise as the sky they reflect makes them precious gems, indeed!

    1. Thanks, Paul, I’m just doing my little thing here – it’s nice to know you enjoy the results. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Diane, for your kind words and summer wishes! We’ve had some beautiful weather so far, but the heat and humidity are creeping up now…

  3. A beautiful way to greet the Summer. Words so radiant with a wonderful image to create a perfect moment of inspiration. Thanks. Best wishes to you my friend…

    1. And thank you, too, for your kind words, my friend. I hope you and your family are having pleasant weather and a good summer down south there!

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