22 thoughts on “our lower branches”

  1. What an absolutely delightful painting and quote! Both the adult and the child seem to be having a fabulous time together. The reaching arms of the child, and the smile on the ladies face (perhaps her mother?) show so much joy. 🙂

    1. Pure joy, isn’t it, Joanne? I think it’s a mother and daughter, too, sharing one of those moments that creates such a special bond between them… 🙂

    1. The little girl seems so delighted to have such light and pretty apple blossoms magically falling all around her. Mothers can make the simplest of things into pure happiness. 🙂

    1. You’re another Caitlín Matthews fan – that doesn’t come as a surprise! 🙂 Would that all parents could be more like trees!

  2. Oh how fabulous! May we all be that flexible and fun. May we not break too easily in life’s winds. May we play with small children and offer the world our ripe fruit. Both the picture and the words give of themselves so beautifully.

    1. So happy you enjoyed the picture and words, Kathy! Trees have much to teach us about flexibility (not one of my strong points) and living in the moment, and children teach us, too, when we let them.

  3. I love the beautiful picture. I can just keep staring at it forever. May we never be rigid, tough, unapproachable, unkind. May we always be down to earth, close to the children & may we be so flexible that we can touch the feet of our aged grand parents. Thank you Barbara, this was a soup for the heart after a not-so-good day at work.

    1. Sorry your work day was not-so-good, Sonali, but I’m glad this post could brighten your day a bit… Grandparents are magical to children, like trees they come in so many sizes and shapes and personalities and their grandchildren just love them to pieces, no matter how old and feeble they may seem. 🙂 I found this painting several months ago and couldn’t wait to post it in the spring when apple trees are blossoming around here where we live… Hope things are better for you tomorrow! *hugs*

  4. I don’t know the artist but I love the painting (and his name. Hamilton Hamilton)

    My happiest memories are those innocent days when my kids were happy to play with blossoms …

    1. I double checked to make sure Hamilton Hamilton was the actual name of this artist and not a typo of some sort. 🙂 Never heard of him before, either…

      I miss those innocent days, too, Rosie. When a big yellow leaf or a little lady bug walking on the laundry hanging outside delighted my kids…

  5. What a wonderful exuberant, joyously innocent painting and the quote is so inspiring that I have to share. Thank you!

  6. Hi. It almost looks like the child is reaching for the glow of gold that is the grass in the scene behind them. I like the idea of being able to bend! Jane

    1. It does look like a sunlit patch of grass behind them… Bending, flexibility, doesn’t come so naturally to me, but I make a conscious effort to be more flexible in my dealings with others…

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