at the herb farm

5.27.11 ~ Salem, Connecticut
5.27.11 ~ Salem, Connecticut

Last weekend we took a ride out to The Salem Herbfarm. It was a hot and humid day so we didn’t last too long. Took a few pictures and bought a moonflower and a bamboo pole for it to climb on. Fortunately the weather has cooled off for now, after a wild evening of violent thunderstorms, which produced devastating tornadoes in Springfield and Monson, Massachusetts…

5.27.11 ~ Salem, Connecticut
5.27.11 ~ Salem, Connecticut

This weekend Tim has been working from home and a kind of lethargy has set in, in spite of the delightful weather. This past week I got a lot of work done on my garden and the living room. Janet and I are making plans…

5.27.11 ~ Salem, Connecticut
nemesia ~ 5.27.11 ~ Salem, Connecticut

No more house centipede sightings and yesterday I finally got up the nerve to sit on the couch again…

5.27.11 ~ Salem, Connecticut
5.27.11 ~ Salem, Connecticut

Reading a fascinating book: A Time for Everything by Karl Ove Knausgård. It’s an unusual piece of historical fiction, based loosely on the lives of characters from the Bible. But it gets into their heads and reinterprets the ways Cain or Noah, for example, might have experienced Biblical events. The author’s descriptions of the natural world of pre-flood times are detailed and vivid. The book is supposed to examine the nature of angels, too, but I’m only a little less than half way through.

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  1. The photos remind us that spring must really be here–and summer not too far away. The book sounds interesting. Will perhaps look for it at a NYC book store, too.

    1. Late spring really is here, though that day felt more like the middle of summer. We drank all our water supply and had to stop on the way home and get some lemonade. Good thing the weather is back to what it “should” be now! 🙂

      If you find the book I’d love to hear what you think of it. Have a fantastic time with Kiah and Diaa (hope I spelled that right…) – wonder what kind of camera mischief you’ll get into in the big city!

  2. The Salem Herbfarm Looks like a great place to buy your plants. Not sure what a moonflower is but its obviously a climbing thingie…

    I wonder what is meant by examining “the nature of angels”. Let us know when you get to that part of the book.

    1. Rosie, I’m not familiar with moonflowers either, but was intrigued with the tag which says they bloom in the evenings, 4-6 inch white, fragrant flowers, and climb up to 15 feet. It’s still alive but it hasn’t started climbing yet – another thing for the neighbors to wonder at – why does she have that bamboo pole sticking out of her garden?

      I’m curious about where the author is going with the nature of angels, too. This is the most unusual book I’ve read in recent memory. I finally got through the Flood. The fact that it’s been raining here day after day for the past week or so only added to the chill going through my bones as I read the account experienced from the perspective of Noah’s relatives – the ones not invited or allowed onto the ark… It’s very thought provoking!

    1. It was a lovely outing for all the reasons you mention! What the pictures don’t show is how HOT it was! We usually go there around Christmas/Yule time – I think we might try and visit again on a less hot summer day so we can spend a little more time experiencing everything the place has to offer…

  3. It’s nice to visit your place.

    those little flowers are wonderful! The white dove is especially exceptional. Love birds.
    Barbara, I hope you enjoy the book you’re reading!


    1. Welcome to By the Sea, Irina! What a pretty name!

      My mother was an avid birdwatcher. She died twenty years ago on the day I saw the beautiful white dove. Mother’s maiden name was “White” so I think the white dove was exceptional, too, a bit of synchronicity and a gift from my mom. It felt wonderful when she made eye contact with me and seemed to pose for the camera…

      1. Such a beautiful white dove, indeed symbolic to you and exceptional for the meaning it gives you… I wonder how things in nature, be it a tree branch or a dove, resemble something pure to us. Not by chance… but because we’re come from nature.

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