14 thoughts on “gathering kindness”

  1. An act of kindness is one of the amazing , generous act we can give to one another. The poem made me appreciate the good things I received but more importantly it made me reflect on sharing more and be sensitive towards the needs of others. Now, Kindness can come in various forms. In the Blog world, an inspiring comment or a beautiful shared story is an act of kindness and I’m thankful for you and the other bloggers who kept me motivated by the stories they make.

    1. I agree, there is an abundance of kindness shown in the blogosphere. Offering encouragement is a precious act of kindness. And like the haiku illustrates, a simple gesture, like picking up the leaves in a neighbor’s yard to help out, can inspire more kindness to be shared, back and forth or out toward others. I’m grateful for your presence here.
      “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ~ Aesop

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