a new science of complexity

“A Paradox” by Frances MacDonald
“A Paradox” by Frances MacDonald

There is a new science of complexity which says that the link between cause and effect is increasingly difficult to trace; that change (planned or otherwise) unfolds in non-linear ways; that paradoxes and contradictions abound; and that creative solutions arise out of diversity, uncertainty and chaos.
~ Andy Hargreaves & Michael Fullan
(What’s Worth Fighting for Out There?)

9 thoughts on “a new science of complexity”

  1. This artwork is stunning! The New Age gurus would have you think differently; that your thoughts alone create your experience, that events in your life are entirely created by YOU (perhaps on a subconscious level…and on and on.) But events do unfold in non-linear ways.
    I have always been fascinated by paradox. Thanks, Barbara. This post has really got me thinking, and I love that!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the painting and the quote, Monica! It is truly a fascinating paradox. Our interpretation of past events is always changing, which still amazes me each time I notice it. It seems to be true of the moment, too, we can interpret an experience in so many different ways which can make it seem like we’re creating it. But I agree with you, it’s crazy to think that people cause earthquakes or eclipses or whatever, with their thoughts. Indeed, “the link between cause and effect is increasingly difficult to trace.” Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here!

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