16 thoughts on “knowing everything”

  1. Barbara, I added this to my list of favorite quotations at anewgaia!! It is indeed conducive to an ultimate revelation, to do as Milne suggests!
    Blessings to you,

  2. Pooh sticks!! My daughter and I love this game, even though as she said this fall before all the snow…is it weird that we are both full grown adults but still love playing pooh sticks. Thank you for the smile.

  3. I love that painting – you post such lovely paintings on your blog!
    Ah – I was brought up on A. A. Milne’s poetry, but curiously didn’t read any of the stories til I was an adult. Bruce bought me one and then I realised what ‘pooh sticks’ meant!

    1. Thank you, Val! Carl Larsson is one of my favorite painters and I have a coffee table book of his paintings and pictures of the house he and his wife Karin decorated with their arts and crafts.

      There’s a little breakfast and lunch restaurant we frequent, called Somewhere in Time. It has illustrations of scenes from Winnie the Pooh all over the walls, even though 99% of the customers are adults 🙂 A. A. Milne’s poems and stories are also favorites of mine. Hmm.. that gives me an idea…

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