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  1. Yea! You got your daffodils, Barbara!!!
    We are having a windy false spring day here. I cleaned my living room window that looks out into my front oak tree yard. I decided to put out my two hummingbird feeders on the front porch. I only filled them a quarter thinking most likely I would not get the hummingbirds for maybe another month or two months. I was getting a headache so I decided to rest and just watch out my window in the quiet listening to the wind and trees. And only three hours since I placed the hummingbird feeders out, one lovely hummingbird came! It fluttered between the two feeders before taking a stand on one of the feeders. It took a long drink. I watched from inside so thrilled!

    1. A hummingbird just for you, TD! 🙂 What a lovely reward for your hard work and also a hopeful sign that the false spring days will soon be followed by real spring days!!! 💕 ☀️ 🌷

    1. Yup, Pam, I can happily live with daffodils in February, two months earlier than they arrive in Connecticut. 😊

    1. Yup, that’s how I remember it, snowdrops at the end of February. But I can definitely get used to daffodils at the end of February. 💛

      1. I thought of you this morning Barbara because I had just seen your daffodil post last night. On the national news they said the pollen was in abundance in southern states because of the recent spurts of very warm weather. So I was thinking about the yellow pollen that we were mentioning before you moved to NC.

        1. I haven’t seen that yellow pollen yet but I imagine it will be here soon. The tree pollen counts for today and tomorrow are low.

          1. I hope your pollen counts stay low as dos Fred, who hopes that the pollen isn’t so bad that he can’t find his walnut goodies. 🙂 We are having our first severe weather threat of the season on Tuesday – we are getting to 70 degrees. That is so abnormal – we used to get excited about the occasional 40-degree day, the “January thaw” back in the day, now this.

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