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  1. I’m so glad Fred is still around to keep you company! Of course, if your winter is anything like ours, maybe we’re seeing a moderation in the typical weather, so Fred doesn’t have to worry about freezing … or going hungry!

    1. Our winter has been so mild except for a couple of short-lived arctic blasts and Fred seemed to handle those with no problem. I hope it snows one of these years so we can see his little paw prints in the snow. 🙂

  2. Barbara, that Fred is your furry friend for life now. 🙂 A very affable fellow. I may be partial to Parker the Fox Squirrel, but I think the Eastern Gray Squirrels are the cutest.

    1. Honestly, I have a very hard time telling a gray squirrel apart from a fox squirrel! 🙂 Maybe if I saw them side by side the differences in size and coloring would become more apparent. You’re lucky to have Parker for a friend! How many years have you known him?

      1. You would know if you saw them side by side Barbara – the fox squirrels are much bigger than the gray and black squirrels and not timid in the least, which could be due to their size. Next time I have a photo side-by-side, I’ll send it to you. I was trying to estimate how long I have known Parker when I did the year-end post on him. It has to be at least seven years. I saw him this morning and he was doing his “let me jump up high and try to reach the peanut bag routine” while I was looking the other way. He is something else!

        1. That would be cool to see a picture of the fox and the eastern squirrels side by side. I can just picture your Parker jumping up to reach the peanut bag. 🙂 Tim keeps walnuts in his pockets now since Fred will run up to him on the sidewalk, looking at him very expectantly, as he’s walking to or from the car, or when he takes out the garbage and collects the mail.

          1. Tonight I was catching up on Facebook and on the Birds and Blooms site they had post and article from 2022 about the four types of squirrels and I thought they kind of looked alike too or I would have sent it to you. But those were profile pictures. If you see them head on, you notice right away, especially the size. I took some photos last Sunday up close of each, but they’re not side by side. However, you know how Fred will stand up and has the white fur in the front, the Fox Squirrels have a lighter beige-colored fur, but not pure white like the Grays. When we had Sammy the Squirrel and he was fed by three neighbors, he would stay in his tree and if someone came out of the house, he’d run down the tree and go stand at the door. Grady did that too when I was feeding him – poor little guy was probably looking for me when the hawk got him. Speaking of hawks, I returned from walking today and the Jays were going crazy again, all the squawking, so I looked up in the tree and another Cooper’s Hawk was up there looking down. The Jays continued squawking from a nearby tree. I stood in the driveway and watched as the Hawk flew up higher in the tree (no leaves, so I had a good view), then suddenly swooped down. He did not go into my yard (and I would not have gone back there if he had attacked something) … more like the corner yard, two doors away. I don’t like seeing that at all. We never used to have Hawks – we had one Peregrine Falcon in the neighborhood which was bad enough, but these big hawks are a common occurrence now.

          2. You know, I meant to add that these squirrels are just so cute and endear themselves to you. Fred was so shy in the beginning and now begging and they know we are suckers to feed them … just like a family pet.

          3. Hmmm… I follow Birds & Blooms on Facebook but they never show up in my feed. Will have to check them out more often and I also changed the settings so maybe I’ll see their posts more often. Yesterday I took note of the surprisingly white fur on Fred’s belly. The other day at the library there were two turkey vultures circling very low near the entrance. We wondered what they might be after. It was as if they were waiting for the people going in and out of the library to clear away so they could come down and eat some roadkill, even though we didn’t see any. But I’m sure their senses are keener than ours. Yup, Fred is definitely like a family pet. He comes up to the car when we come home now. I think he may try to hop in one of these days!

          4. A lot of Birds & Blooms posts are reposts of earlier posts. I keep saving some of them, only to find I saved it earlier, like today’s post on mulch. The fur is incredibly white and they are so cute when they stand up so they can see you, or to ensure you can see them. 🙂 Fred feels comfortable with you to do that. He’s looking to visit and have a walnut from Tim. 🙂 It’s nice he trusts you as I find most of the gray squirrels at the Park are skittish, even though they want that peanut, they are still timid.

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