23 thoughts on “sleeping in the cold”

    1. Thank you, Frank! It was too cloudy for us to see the full moon last night but maybe next month… Wishing you a good week, too.

    1. For the winter, the wise deciduous trees protect their buds from frost damage by pulling water out of them…

  1. This a nice poem and a perfect picture you’ve found to go with it … interestingly, it makes Winter sound magical, even welcoming., while the trees are ready to bed down for the season.

    1. I love the picture it paints of wise trees preparing their buds to protect them from frost damage during the winter. Except for my increasing intolerance of the cold, I’ve always loved winter.

          1. A fellow blogger moved to Washington State a few years ago and did a post last year about walking in snowshoes. They get an awful lot of snow there she said. I’d probably fall and break something – they seem so awkward.

          2. That’s one experience I never got around to trying living up north. That and taking a horse-drawn sleigh ride. But I still love to fantasize about it. At least I got a lot of sledding and ice skating in as a kid. 🙂

          3. Yes, sledding and ice skating – fun times along with building snow forts. I brought my toboggan over here and never used it as there were no hills close by. I would love to go in a horse-drawn sleigh too. They do this at Greenfield Village I believe, or used to, but only at Christmastime.

          4. Oh yes, snow forts! And the year my father made us an igloo! Back when the snow stuck around for a few weeks. 😉 Maybe some day you will get the chance to have a sleigh ride — you never know!

  2. An excellent combination, Barbara! I think that this photo is incredible! My mind tells me though, no matter where I place my body under those trees, the moon could never be that large. I’m having mind spaghetti spasms! Could this photo truly be real? Or was it computerized manipulated? I ponder.

    Last two nights, we lay listening in bed to multiple dogs barking and howling! I noticed a new howl quite long by one of my neighbor’s dog. The dog is new to our neighborhood. I didn’t notice that it would be a full moon or was a full moon as I usually am aware. It’s been overcasted with clouds for a while. I thought the neighborhood dogs were chatting about the nocturnal possums so common here. Yet, I enjoyed listening to the new long dog howling. This morning, I see from my calendar that it must have been the full moon!

    1. Thank you, TD! I do know photographers use all kinds of tricks with camera lenses to get enhanced moonshots and then there’s always Photoshop. 😉 And I imagine even newer technologies I am not familiar with.

      Do you have foxes in your area? They also make barking and high-pitched howls. It’s amazing the effect a full moon has on all the creatures down here on earth. I figure if it can pull the ocean tides it can certainly influence living creatures too.

      1. No we don’t have foxes in our area. I believe a full moon affects emotions and behaviors of humans too!

        That photo definitely has fancy technology renderings!

    1. Thank you, Joanne! 🙂 It took me a long time to find an image for this amazing poem. And then I had to wait for a winter full moon to use it…

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