just my luck…

A new strain of norovirus is spreading across the Carolinas. It found its way to me, I guess. Haven’t had a stomach bug in 7 years or so. Misery! After scheduling my last two posts I got sick but am recuperating now so I will start responding to your comments and visiting your blogs soon. Tropical Storm Ophelia brushed by us leaving about an inch of rain. No wind damage that I can detect from inside my cozy nest here.

12 thoughts on “just my luck…”

  1. Yuck! I’m sorry you caught the bug, Barbara, and I hope you’re back on the healthy list soon. Glad the hurricane wasn’t too horrendous for you though.

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I’m so glad that nightmare is over with… It was kind of soothing listening to the wind and rain while ill, knowing it wouldn’t get too bad.

  2. Oh dear Barbara, I’m sorry you caught the potty bug! Not anything that you could have done to avoid it or protect yourself from it.

    This morning I got the Pfizer new Covid vaccine, the Pfizer RSV vaccine and the flu vaccine. Two in my left arm which is sore and one in my right arm. Absolutely no side effects! I have been getting the Moderna vaccines, but the pharmacist said I could get the Pfizer because that is all they had available now.

    It’s a lovely temperature outside on my back patio now.

    1. Thank you, TD! That’s amazing you had no side effects after getting all three vaccines at once! We had no trouble getting the RSV vaccine a couple of weeks ago but the covid booster is hard to get an appointment for here. Tim got his Sunday and felt very tired all day Monday. I’m going to get mine Friday and have to travel 45 minutes away to get it. We’re waiting until October to get the flu vaccine because the doctor says that will give us the most immunity at the peak of flu season in January. Apparently RSV peaks earlier in the season. We’ll see how it goes! Enjoy your pleasant weather!

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