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It’s been a while! We moved into our new place a couple of weeks ago and then the POD arrived with all our worldly goods a week after that. Dima & Larisa and a couple of their friends unloaded the POD on that hot afternoon. The next day friends and relatives came by and got us started reassembling bookcases, etc. We’ve been unpacking and taking empty cardboard boxes to the recycling center ever since.

We found a lovely little one-story townhouse to lease. The neighbors are so welcoming! Next door is a woman who also moved down here to be near her grandchildren. Another neighbor came over with a homemade pecan pie to introduce herself. And another brought sunflowers and cherry tomatoes from the farmers market!

I’m loving having everything on one floor. And we’re located close to our grandchildren, a six-minute drive away. πŸ™‚ We are nestled into a cul-de-sac in a very quiet and heavily wooded neighborhood. There are so many trees here, and so much wildlife, that I decided to change the name of my blog to In the Woods!

It’s hot, too, as expected. The other day the heat index reached 103Β°! But we’re grateful for the central air conditioning. With dewpoints in the 70s every morning we probably won’t be taking any walks for a couple of months.

house finch ~ photo by Tim
morning light in our woods

The above picture was taken from our front porch, looking up. Moving from a noisy city to this peaceful neighborhood has been such a blessing. And now I’m looking forward to settling in and then catching up with my blogging friends as soon as possible!

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  1. Oh so wonderful to be in the woods with you, Barbara, enjoying all your new wildlife friends and forested views. It sounds like your transition is going very well…I’m really happy for you.

    1. Thank you, Jet! I came here with an open heart and have been delighted to find that things have been going so much better than I dreamed possible.

  2. So wonderful to have found this perfect living space for you both! I will look forward to breathing it all in. It’s a story book you will be writing filled with rabbits, deer and assorted birds. Paradise found!

    1. Thank you, TD! Things have worked out so much better than I dared to expect. We haven’t even begun to explore our surroundings but last night we were out for dinner and were warned about copperhead snakes active in the evening hours… Learned a new word, vespertine.

  3. It looks perfect. You are going to have so many beautiful photos to share. I can’t wait to “join” you on all your new adventures. Enjoy those little ones.

    1. It’s been fun seeing the little ones so frequently! We’re going to have to patient for those adventures to begin, though, when the heat and humidity finally begin to dissipate. In the meantime, unpacking, unpacking, and family history organizing…

  4. I like your new blog name, apropos of your new habitat. So glad you are settling in without incident.
    Hilarious that the deer comes to your door expecting a hand out! Beware of those munching devils, hehe.
    The weather here this week and for the next are not much different from yours. Hot, humid and real-feel of 100+. I read that this summer is breaking records all over the northern hemisphere. Not good news, but hardly surprising. CC is real, folks, despite what the deniers are saying. πŸ™

    1. Thank you, Eliza. Going from ‘by the sea’ to ‘in the woods’ seemed appropriate. πŸ™‚ It’s interesting that all the bushes in this complex have deer fences around them. Someone went to a lot of trouble labeling them, too. Looking forward to seeing what blossoms next spring. Apparently July 4th was the hottest day ever recorded on Earth, I heard on the news. Remarkable and alarming, but as you say, not at all surprising. So many have refused to see the handwriting on the wall and now it’s presence can no longer be ignored.

  5. How fun that you changed your name to match your new home in the wooded area. I would love, love, love to see a deer come to greet me on the porch. This move, the area, being six minutes from the grandkids, super neighbors … it is worth all the hassle and angst spent preparing, packing, unpacking. A very sweet bunny as well as the house finch Tim captured! Wonderful new beginnings for you Barbara!

    1. Let’s hope this will be the last name change for a good long time! When I chose “By the Sea” I couldn’t imagine ever living anywhere else. We thought our future was well planned out. But you never know what may come along in life. Even though I got rid of a lot of stuff in Connecticut I am still paring down as I unpack here. Downsizing feels very good, there is so much less to clean and store, but parting with some things has been bittersweet.

      1. I can imagine it would be difficult and bittersweet. It will be nice with less items to clean/dust and only one floor too will make it nicer too. I would have a tough time paring down here … I spent 90% of my Fourth of July time off trying to declutter and still it is not organized and for the umpteenth time I asked myself how my parents and a bird also lived here?

        1. I know what you mean, how did we ever fit into our old place with three teenagers and all their stuff, too? I have no desire to go shopping for home dΓ©cor or knick-knacks any more, like I used to when younger and our apartments seemed so empty. I’m cheering you on as you continue your decluttering efforts in spite of working full time. You sound pretty determined!

          1. I wonder that all the time Barbara. We have a week of rain and stormy weather and as of today, we will have a stormy weekend as well, so looks like I will make some more progress again.

          2. Might as well put the time you’re stuck inside to good use, right? Cheering you on!

          3. Two more sessions this weekend Barbara. Thanks! My boss was on vacation and I am several posts ahead so that’s good which frees me up on the weekend, especially since the weather will be crummy, so I’ll just go to my regular park and be back by 10:00 like a work day.

          4. Do you have vacation days when your boss is on vacation? Having extra time to putter around must feel like a vacation even if you don’t take a trip or do something special. I’m still unpacking and setting things up…

          5. I hate using a Saturday or Sunday but have had a couple of slow weeks at work, so figured I would spend all weekend working in the house due to storm activity both weekend days. My boss was away for a week, so I wrote posts through the end of July … last one just needs to be finalized, so I figured I was “okay” with working in the house … that was before a week of getting caught in a rainstorm, eye doctor Tuesday, horrible storm and predicted tornadoes in the area Wednesday, dealing with treecutters Thursday and volatile weather Friday. I thought I needed a respite, but I’m going to do some work in the house once the storm starts. I have stayed caught up in Reader, but got behind due to losing my internet. I’ve been dwelling on what to do with the “new backyard” but it doesn’t have to be done right away.

            I agreed to “no vacation or personal time” when I was hired back (supposedly) part-time to work from home in 2011. In 2022, I decided I was not going to do that anymore and began taking one vacation day a month. My boss told me recently that despite our lease running out in March 2024 and the building not renewing our least after being there since 2003, he wants to continue practicing law, even though by next March 2024 he will turn 77. His father was still working when he died suddenly at age 83. He was also an attorney. I am not keen on working into my 70s to be honest and told him that but have not discussed it further.

          6. Some people need to work and tend to wither away if they retire. Especially if they love their careers. My grandfather was a land surveyor and worked into his 80s, but he worked for himself at his own pace and didn’t have any employees. If you forced the issue and retired I wonder if your boss would go to the trouble of finding someone to take your place or if that would prod him into retiring as well.

          7. That is so true Barbara and I guess that is how it was with Robb (my boss) father. He was also a solo practitioner and my boss said that essentially their mom raised them (he had two brothers) and went to their school events, as their father was never present. He came home from the office for dinner, then went back to work for several more hours. My boss has not mentioned our conversation since and I am hoping that my revelation may cause some soul searching on his part too. (Fingers crossed on that aspect.)

  6. I like the changes you’re making, both on your blog and in your life! Trading a busy city for the contemplative woods — just six minutes from family! — sounds practically perfect, Barbara. And look at those cute critters! Monk would LOVE to chase after them, especially the bunny!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I’ve been poking myself, thinking this is all a pleasant dream and I will wake up at any moment… Monkey would have a blast here, even just looking out the windows. πŸ™‚ But I am hearing from the locals some stories about certain kinds of spiders and snakes… 😟

      1. Indeed! Until you get comfy knowing which critters are “safe” and which aren’t, you probably should err on the side of caution!

        1. I always err on the side of caution! It’s in my nature — lol. Yesterday someone in the area reported coming across a scorpion – yikes!

  7. So glad you have found a pleasant place to settle, and be closer to your family. I am making a move to NC also, to be nearer to Elizabeth, and the rest of them. Janet and Nancy won’t have to travel so for now. Jan is going to come down 4 days before the movers come. We will drive to NC in my Prius. Hope to in my new place by Aug. 1. I have just sent Dan my new address and he said he would share to others.

    Hope we have opportunities to bet together even though we are not just door.

    Love, Liz

    1. Oh Liz, it will be so wonderful to see you again and to have you close enough to visit often!!! And I know Janet and Nancy will be glad to have you living closer to an airport making their visits so much easier, too. I’m glad Janet will be there to help you get ready for the movers and that you can drive up here together. I will make sure to get your address from Dan when we see him this weekend. Best wishes for much happiness in your new place. See you soon! πŸ’™

  8. You’ve landed in a wonderful spot. Look at all those faces. I like your revised name for this blog. I just know you’re going to be happy out there in the woods.

    1. Thank you, Ally! I feel so lucky to have landed here, it’s been amazing how many dreams have come true this year — you just never know. πŸ™‚

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