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    1. Thanks, Debbie. The sign was a gift from our son and daughter-in-law many years ago. It’s showing its age.

    1. Thank you, Peggy. I’m going to miss that river birch so much when we move to North Carolina. It’s so pretty in every season.

      1. It is hard to move. When we left Arizona years ago I missed the desesrt. I still do after 30 years. Good luck on adjusting to a new area of the country.

        1. I’ve never been to the desert but I’ve heard it’s a magical place. It still holds a large place in your heart. I think I will feel that way about the seashore.

  1. I like this message on the sign and a plus for getting a photo of the snow piled on top of the sign. The trees look beautiful. I was tempted to take photos yesterday with our four-inch snowfall. It had been clear as a bell and snow-free just 24 hours before and suddenly white everywhere – some has melted. I hear there is another Nor’easter – will you be affected Barbara?

    1. Those trees are the arborvitaes we were talking about before. That sign is so old! A gift from our son and daughter-in-law from years ago. It won’t look right in North Carolina. πŸ˜‰ Right now it looks like we’ll be getting mostly rain from the nor’easter here in our corner of the state. Keeping our eyes on the ever-evolving forecast. Incredibly, this will be our first nor’easter for this very weird winter.

      1. I remember our conversation Barbara and I have been looking for a sign of life for any of the bushes and there is nothing, so I must take some action. I do see buds on some homeowners’ trees so I was hopeful. Healthy and fast-growing bushes like arborvitae would be perfect. You’re right about the snow, although the blogger who lives near Asheville and my high school friend in Cary, both have posted pictures of snowy backyards. It melts relatively quickly though. Well rain is better than a lot of snow at this point in March. I got ready to leave this morning and the forecast was for snow 11-12:00ish. It was fine when I looked out, but when I was ready to leave 15 minutes later, it was snowing hard. Lots of accidents and another 1-3 inches tonight. We’re catching up for what we lacked earlier in the Winter.

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