17 thoughts on “silent sunday”

  1. [I am quite behind in Reader …] I love the shadows on the leaf and the new growth. The green is especially inviting after these brutal temps. It was 16 with a real feel of 0 and 18 mph winds … why did I think that would be fun to go out and look a ice sculptures? I suspect tomorrow a.m. is it for your cold temps as it starts to moderate then.

    1. Thank you, Linda. It was -8°F when I woke up before dawn on Saturday morning. Tim fed his squirrel buddy extra peanuts all morning. He’s so cute when he comes up to the sliding glass door and peers inside, looking for Tim’s next handout. 🙂

      1. This is brutal weather Barbara and as cold as it was here yesterday, we got to 43 today – so likely that will be in store for you as well. Those squirrels sure know how to work the crowd don’t they? 🙂 I like when they stand up on their haunches to ensure you can see them because they are taller then! One time to feed them, forever your friend.

        1. Yup, we got up into the 50s yesterday, what a difference a day makes. The squirrel that visits us is quite the charmer. 🙂 He’s getting less tentative and more curious about us every day.

          1. Almost all our snow is melted from the warm temps today, so it’s a shame we’re getting some freezing rain again tomorrow night to mess things up again. He trusts you and will be peering at his friends and benefactors through the sliding door all year around. 🙂

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