sundown for the year

“Last Hour of the Day” by T. C. Steele

In the garden the dry rustle of leaves, stirred by the breeze, has taken the place of the insect music of only a month ago. Most of the crickets are gone. The clock of their little lives has run down, never to be rewound. At sunset, the breeze dies. All sounds are low or short or subdued. This is the sundown of the day and the month. It is sundown for the year as well.
~ Edwin Way Teale
(Circle of the Seasons: The Journal of a Naturalist’s Year)

10 thoughts on “sundown for the year”

  1. Rather than think of something as “the last,” I prefer thinking of it as a beginning. Autumn may be winding down, but Winter is right around the corner. And, while Winter isn’t my favorite season at all, it nonetheless has a stark beauty all its own.

    1. I like the way you think, Debbie. It goes along with with my circular ideas about time, that it goes around in circles like the wheel of the year. Tim thinks of the year in linear terms, with a beginning and end. It’s interesting how different minds hold concepts. I love the change of seasons.

    1. Winter is the perfect time to hibernate and rest, all tucked in and cozy before the next busy season begins.

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