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4.29.22 ~ Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center, empty nest

This morning we were up early so we headed over to the nature center to see if there were any Canada goose hatchlings. The nest was empty! We were so disappointed to have missed seeing the little ones in the nest. πŸ™

But, I scanned the pond, hoping to see mama and papa goose swimming around with their goslings. There they were, far away on the other side of the water, up on the land. Used the zoom lens to get these pictures…

mama and one baby
mama and three babies

The vigilant papa was off to the left but I neglected to get his picture. I was too excited about the little ones. We walked a little around to the south side of the pond, getting a little closer to them, but too many sticks were blocking the view. I think there are four goslings in the next picture.

We retraced our steps and then walked farther around to the north side of the pond. Suddenly on the path, Tim estimates about 50 feet ahead of us, was a gosling, off on his own little adventure.

my, what a big foot you have!

And then mama came down the path to fetch him.

And lead him back to the rest of the brood.

We turned around to leave them in peace, feeling very happy. πŸ™‚ We met two nature center staffers on the way out who didn’t know yet that the little ones had arrived. One of them told us that back in March there was quite a dispute between several Canada geese over who was going to occupy that perfect nest in the middle of the pond. Prime real estate, it would seem!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these photos! I miss seeing the goslings every year since moving to Southern California from Concord, MA. Our home overlooked a Sudbury River overflow area that created a lake every spring. The Canadian Geese always had babies on the banks for us to enjoy. A beautiful spring ritual to capture their photos and enjoy their antics.

    1. You’re welcome, Victoria! No wonder you miss the view from your home in Concord. That must have been such a pleasure looking forward to seeing the Canada geese and their goslings every spring. We hear them (and see them) honking and flying overhead back and forth between the nearby creek, river, ponds and beach all year. I love the sound…

  2. Glad that Mama Goose is keeping an eye on her clan. What a little scoundrel for wandering off… even if it gave you the chance to take some great photos.

    1. Thank you, Ally! I think that little scoundrel must have inherited a chunk of wanderlust DNA from his (her?) father. There’s always that one in the bunch to keep mama on her toes.

  3. How exciting! Wasn’t it Melanie in Gone With The Wind who said something to the effect that the happiest days are when babies come!?! These goslings are precious — Mama and Papa did well. Now their fun is beginning! Thanks for letting us all enjoy the progress, Barbara.

    1. You’re welcome, Debbie. Yes, Melanie did say that and I feel the same way. One of the happiest days of my life was being with my daughter when she gave birth to my granddaughter. My heart jumped for joy when I spotted mama goose and her babies across the pond, those sweet little puffy yellow bundles of curiosity. πŸ™‚

    1. It was a wonderful morning. I keep thinking how flexible mothers must be, going from sitting still for a month to running around after her little brood.

  4. This is such wonderful news. Barbara and Tim, the two of you are INCREDIBLE! Persistence to glory!!

    I’m surprised to see the goslings are yellow, fluffy with giant size feet. Sooooo much fun, Barbara. You have given me the gift of happy feet today! πŸ˜ƒ

    1. Thank you, TD! I hope we can see them grow up and see what stages their feather coloring goes through as they mature. I think there are four of them. It was so much fun watching the little adventurer take in all the new things in his world. πŸ™‚

      1. Oh, me too! I will love watching your watching as I tag along. (I’m a bit envious because they are so happy cute with fearless curiosity.)

  5. So sweet to see and capture with your camera Barbara. I love that little gosling who took off to explore the world without his/her siblings. How lucky for you that it came to check out the humans and you got to take pictures. They look so soft and fuzzy – hard to imagine just a few days earlier they were trapped inside the eggshell. I hope they stick around for you to watch them grow from goslings to “teenagers” and eventually adults.

    1. The adventurous little gosling was so adorable and I’m sure he is going to keep mama goose very busy keeping after him/her. πŸ™‚ Even though he seemed tiny compared to mama he/she did seem awfully big to have been inside an egg only a day or two beforehand. I’m trying to figure out when we can get back this week between medical appointments and rainy days. I suppose I could have Tim hold an umbrella over me and the camera but I don’t like taking the camera out in the damp and wet.

      1. There’s that one gosling or duckling that always has to stray from its siblings. I thought the same thing, even after seeing the size of those goose eggs, how could those goslings be that large – their feet alone! I’m like you and won’t even carry the camera, when walking to the Park, if there is any chance of rain. I even carry a new, folded-up kitchen garbage bag to protect the camera from a sudden downpour.

        1. Yup, there’s always one free spirit in the bunch! πŸ™‚ It was a wonder to see how big his feet were. That’s a great idea to carry a plastic bag to protect the camera in case of a surprise rainstorm.

          1. Yes, I like how you showed his big feet – so cute. Yes, I fold up the bag and put it inside a ziploc bag and it takes up no room – just in case. I’ve been at the Park, just one mile away and it was beautiful and walking home, a dark cloud opens up and pouring rain and I get soaked … and no rain was in the forecast. We had an all-day soaking rain today. What an abysmal Spring we are having. Next week is supposed to be sunny and warmer.

          2. You’re a very practical person, Linda! I’m going to follow your suggestion. Looks like it will be sunnier and warmer here this week, too. πŸ™‚

  6. Location. Location. Location! 😳
    I’m so happy there are here. How stinking cute are those babies? VERY. Also, isn’t there always one kid who wants to go on his/her own?
    Love the photos!

    1. Thank you, Suz! Yup, there’s always that one in the bunch with ideas of her own about where to go and what to do. πŸ˜‰ That adorable and curious little gosling warmed our hearts with its bold exploring of the new world!

    1. Thank you, Donna! I agree, capturing the goslings toddling around was a wonderful consolation prize. πŸ“· πŸ’™

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