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At 5:00 pm yesterday our cell phone alarms went off in unison to alert us that the hurricane watch is now a hurricane warning. (Even though Henri hasn’t even become a hurricane yet, but it likely will.) We’ve watched the projected path move more and more to the west. For a time the eye was due to go right over us! But now it looks like we will be on the windy side of the storm. All campgrounds in the state will close at 4:00 pm today. Eastern Point Beach will be closed at 6:00 pm and Groton is opening its shelter at that time. We will stay put unless ordered to leave — it will “only” be a category 1 storm. It is recommended that residents along four streets close to the beach evacuate. So now we wait and see!

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  1. Thanks for the update of the projected path. It’s the waiting part that I imagine would be difficult. We had Category 1 winds here once, and they were memorable. Stay safe

    1. Thanks, Ally! Waiting is making me restless… Woke up with a low-pressure migraine brewing, thank goodness for meds… The path has changed again but I can’t save the new image from the website now. Grrr…

  2. Stay safe, Barbara. We are seeing clouds from Henri already, with rain expected this afternoon, but not much in the way of wind or rain since we’re on the bay side.

    1. Thank you, Robin! Happy to know you’re not getting a direct hit. Looks like Henri wants to make its second landfall (after it rips up Long Island) very close to us now…

  3. I, too, have been nervously watching the reports. While you will get the full brunt of the storm, we are only 2 hours north of you, so the scenario doesn’t look too good for us either. Flashes of Irene are dancing before my eyes… not looking forward to this. Stay safe!

    1. I remember Hurricane Irene in 2011! It made landfall in New York City, I think, but we certainly had a storm surge and a lot of wind damage and uprooted trees here, too. You stay safe, too, Eliza! Maybe we not lose power for days on end — it’s going to be too hot and humid without air-conditioning. (It was 76°F when I woke up at 3:30 am.)

  4. Stay safe Barbara and Tim – I’ve read that now-Tropical Storm Henri has knocked out storms to 100,000 folks already. Hopefully you remain unscathed by damage and power issues.

    1. Thank you, Linda! We were so grateful to not lose power. We have a little joke here, we only lose power when the sun is shining. For some reason we go through storms okay but on a sunny day a car will hit a telephone pole and our power will go out for no apparent reason. One time a hapless squirrel jumped on a power line and short-circuited something or other…

      1. We had a gorgeous morning one time and my neighbor Marge was out doing yardwork and looked up to see the power pole was on fire as a transformer had blown. She had her phone on her and called the Fire Department. In the meantime, we lost power. Not even a storm, no driver plowed into the pole … just all on its own. We had a substation once where a squirrel got in and chewed the wires inside. Lots of people lost power and the squirrel instantly died. The evidence was its charred body so they knew the origin of the power issue.

        1. More examples of why we can’t anticipate or predict many unforseen occurrences! You never know what freak happening will stop us in our tracks next! Poor hapless squirrels. I wonder how many have met their ends on power lines…

  5. Yes, they streak across but there is bound to be consequences where the lines tie in. One of my porch squirrels was killed by a vehicle yesterday. I’ve suspended feeding them … it was running from my porch after retrieving a peanut. There are two young hawks working as a pair to chase squirrels – one chases and the squirrel runs and is nabbed by the other. I saw the hawks – did not see their work and hope I do not.

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your porch squirrel being hit by a car. 🙁 That must have been so upsetting… It’s hard to decide whether to feed wildlife or not, sometimes it seems it does more harm than good. I’m kind of glad my neighbor complaining about bird poop on his balcony finally got me to stop feeding the birds. Things were getting out of hand anyway… *hugs*

      1. Thanks for your thoughts and hugs too Barbara. Yes, I felt badly as I had just spoken to it a minute or two before. So, I don’t know if the others will associate the death with the absence of peanuts and water on the porch now or not … I wish it had been earlier in the Summer as I know they didn’t eat all the peanuts, but hid some around in the garden and mulch for Winter, but I didn’t want to see any more squirrels killed. The drivers speed up the street, a 25-mph zone but going 35. Yes, things get out of hand and that’s it and I won’t start up again.

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