a bit of sun and the return of a bedraggled blue jay

The sun is almost out and it has stopped raining and the the wind is still. A strange period of calm. Tim says we are in the eye of the storm. According to the experts, the storm made landfall at 12:30 pm at Westerly, Rhode Island, about 17 miles east of us. The city where our daughter was born. Where we go to see bigger waves at Napatree Point. Where we used to go to see Shakespeare-in-the-Park. (Wilcox Park) We will see if storm conditions return.

Early this morning as the rain started up, a bedraggled blue jay landed on the railing of our balcony and peered inside. I wished him luck in the storm and off he flew. I forgot all about him. Well, he just came back and gave us another look. He looked just as disheveled as he did earlier. After checking me out he flew into the arborvitae and gave an unusual call, a clear whistle. I did some research and found that it might have been “an alarm for a low-intensity threat.” Interesting…

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  1. Yes, I think Tim is correct that is the eye of the storm. I’ve experienced this a few times.

    The blue jay’s whistle, call or warning is very interesting!

    I’ve been tracking the storm by way of the national hurricane center an Ginger Zee Twitter my favorite meteorologist on my phone. I really appreciate your journalism of life experience. I watched CNN this morning too.

    1. Yes, Tim was right after all. It was the first time for us to experience being in the eye of a storm — it was a curious feeling.

      It seems the blue jay was announcing the “low-intensity threat” that the storm turned out to be. For us, anyway. They got hit much harder in Rhode Island.

      It was fun writing all day. The day before we were so busy preparing that I had nothing to do all day Sunday, except sit and watch and write. 🙂 And to finally take a picture or two… Back to my chores today…

  2. The eye of a storm is a mysterious thing, isn’t it? You’ve made it halfway through Henri!
    You still have power? I read that so far 50,000 homes are without power, ugh!

    1. Very mysterious! I had read about it but had never experienced it before and it felt a little spooky. We never lost power although quite a few other places in the city did. Feeling lucky!

    1. So very cool! And Ally, he came back again this morning. I wanted him to be safe, too, and I’m glad he made it through the storm without all his feathers there to protect him.

  3. You’re fortunate Henri isn’t bringing anything more troublesome than tons of rain and some high winds. I’m assuming you still have power??

    1. Yes, we were very lucky to have the excitement of experiencing the eye of the storm without losing power and without the hurricane-force winds. The rain was pretty intense, though.

    1. It might have been fun to give him a temporary place of refuge… He came by again this morning. Now that we’ve put the table, chairs and plant back out on the balcony it will be interesting to see if he comes by any more.

        1. I like the way you think, Linda. It never occurred to me he was simply sharing an experience with me, a fellow traveler on this journey we call life. 💙

          1. I believe that Barbara. Animals are in tune with our feelings. Sometimes just the shared experience brings them closer to us, domestic or otherwise.

    1. Thank you, Sarah. His repeated visits were so compelling and then this morning he stopped by again for a fourth time, much to my delight.

        1. Wow! Ida turned out to be more than any of us had bargained for! We’re fine and I hope you didn’t have too much to clean up afterwards!

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