climbing the wall

5.20.21 ~ The Book Barn ~ Niantic, Connecticut

While our grandchildren were here we visited The Book Barn. Grandpa gave Kat his card (it keeps track of how much credit we have for books sold to them) and she found an armful of books in the Book Barn Downtown branch, where the children’s books are now kept. Grandpa carried her in and out of the store and she hobbled around on her own while browsing the stacks.

Finn loves trucks and construction vehicles

Then we headed up to the main and largest location where Grandpa and Kat sat in the car reading while Grammy and Mommy took Finn out to play and see the goats.

it’s fun to imagine…
if only the steering wheel would turn…
curious goat
a reading nook
Finn at the top of the playset with orbs
beautiful surroundings
a dragon oversees the playset
more spring beauty
so, have I mentioned that Finn is a climber?
he tried the swing for a moment but wasn’t impressed
lost count how many times he climbed the wall
definitely his favorite part of the day
he had to slide down only so he could climb again and again
an open book

I kept thinking the playset needed a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. Larisa didn’t think the swing felt safe and I was worried about splinters from the wood. A few days later we learned that the playset had been dismantled after our visit. They’re looking into finding something to replace it.

We are saddened to report that we have had to lay to rest our beloved playset. It has served the kiddos well over the years! It’s been a kind and faithful playset to the Book Barn’s tiniest customers. May it be remembered fondly 💗
~ The Book Barn
(Facebook, May 24, 2021)

When Katherine was the age Finn is now (2½), I took some pictures of her on one of our visits in North Carolina. It was fun looking back and comparing: into the mist.

Kat reading in our library

Kat’s foot is healing. She’s walking on it again, but not fast and no running or jumping yet. Looking forward to our next visit in the near future! 💕😊

15 thoughts on “climbing the wall”

  1. Your grandchildren are adorable and what a precious time together at the playground and book store. When my youngest grandson was about Finn’s age, we bought him the John Deere battery tractor and cart. He too was in love with tractors and construction equipment. He still rides it today at 4yo, although he’s getting a little big for it. Best $$ spent on a toy that was truly played with almost daily if he could! Remember, I told you I am a ‘Grammy’ too. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Donna! 🙂 I just browsed through some John Deere toy tractors online and am amazed. I never knew such things existed! I will have to talk about this with Finn’s parents as they live in a cohousing community and there might be rules about what the little ones can drive around the place. I know their scooters and bicycles are OK. I do remember that your’re also a Grammy! Thanks for the tractor tip, Grammy. 💙

    1. Those hugs felt so good! And listening to all the little footsteps and hearing the little voices…

  2. Hey Barbara, Please explain more about the “nook” who evidently reads. Is he related to the more widely known garden gnome, or another species entirely? I’ve never seen one before. Perhaps he’s native to southern Connecticut. XXOO

  3. Such precious photos! Sounds like you all had a wonderful outing. What fun to make special memories while the grands are little!

    1. It was so wonderful! It’s those simple pleasures in life shared with grandchildren that are so magical and make the most cherished of memories!

  4. Finn for the win. Cute photos as is the one of a young Kat. Interesting how you wondered about the safety of the playset, then down it came. I wondered how many customers did more than wonder, voicing their concerns.

    1. I love that, “Finn for the win!” I’m going to use it when next I see the little fellow. It seemed like the whole place was in need of perking up, perhaps things got neglected during the pandemic. Will have to check back soon.

  5. Finn is full of energy isn’t he? The Book Barn looks like an exciting place and intriguing in the reading nook especially – are those black tulips? They should have more places like this for kids to have fun and get acquainted with books at an early age.

    1. Oh boy is he ever full of energy! He kept us on our toes as we played all kinds of tossing bean bags and climbing games. Kat is such a quiet little bookworm so we have to keep changing gears. 🙂
      I think those are black tulips, they have a bit of purple or maroon shading in the petals. Perfect for the garden of The Haunted barn, where you can find books on antiques & collectibles, crafts, fashion, furniture, interior design, poetry and woodworking. I love how they have different locations on the property for different kinds of books.

      1. I think that is a great and fun way for kids to get interested in the selection of books. When we moved to the U.S. I was 10 years old, but I used to see the children’s librarian at our City’s library. She was great. She sit on a short stool and the kids sat on the same type of milking stool around her in a circle. She’d read and be very animated. They’d be engrossed in the story and she had reading lists and assignments for Summer. I wished I were younger to enjoy Ms. Montie too.

        1. What a wonderful memory! Children are very lucky when they can hear stories read by a gifted and enthusiastic librarian. 🙂

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