when summer days are flown

anemone by Mabel Amber (pixabay)

Summer for thee, grant I may be
When Summer days are flown!
Thy music still, when Whippowil
And Oriole — are done!

For thee to bloom, I’ll skip the tomb
And row my blossoms o’er!
Pray gather me —
Anemone —
Thy flower — forevermore!

~ Emily Dickinson
(The Poems of Emily Dickinson, #7)

8 thoughts on “when summer days are flown”

    1. It sure is a gorgeous anemone! It took me forever to find a poem with the word anemone in it. 🙂 Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a good one! When my kids were school-aged I always looked at August 1st as the beginning of the second half of summer. That’s when the jellyfish and yellow jackets started to show up at the beach. Interesting the ways we mark the seasons.

  1. Beautiful photo and poem.
    Yes there is wistfulness gathering of the summer I have missed, the ground I have walked, the plants, flowers and trees I haven’t witnessed bloom and evolve… as summer continues to burn it’s way through the days, and weeks… all observed from a distance…

    1. Thank you, Jeff! I have so much fun browsing through the photos on pixabay. Especially when I feel cooped up inside with the air conditioning. You’ve been through some tough times lately, I can well imagine how much you must miss being close up to nature with your camera. Sending many blessings and healing energy to you as you continue to recover.

  2. Anemones are so beautiful! I believe it is too warm during summer for them in my area though, which is a shame.

    Barbara, I re-subscribed to By The Sea a couple of weeks because I never get any notifications when you’ve posted a new blog. I’m sorry I haven’t dropped by, but I thought you hadn’t added anything new because I haven’t had any notifications, yet I’ve missed several posts! I don’t know why that is, so I’ll catch up over the next few days. xx

    1. That’s the thing about flowers, they all need different conditions to thrive so we can never have all the ones we’re attracted to in the same garden! 🙂

      I don’t know what’s going on with WordPress! It seems pretty buggy lately. So sorry you got dropped from the subscriptions. A day or two ago it stopped letting me click the “like” button on blog posts. And recently it’s been putting random comments into my spam queue. Yesterday it wouldn’t let me comment on someone’s blog with my WordPress account, but posted my comment as “Anonymous.”

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