sitting ducks

“Sick Maria” by Joaquín Sorolla

Prepare, don’t panic. Difficult to do when one feels there is no available protection against the spreading new coronavirus. But we are obediently following the directions given by authorities. Doing something feels better than doing nothing. Two weeks of food and supplies — check. Now what?

So far there are no detected cases of COVID-19 in Connecticut, although surrounding Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York have some. Apparently there is no evidence of widespread transmission — yet. It’s a creepy feeling, waiting and wondering…

An email came from my insurance company yesterday, outlining preventative measures and assuring me that should I get sick I would be covered — shouldn’t that go without saying? — and that the test would be covered, too.

I am, reasonably, I think, concerned because we seem to be in the population group most at risk for dying of this, over 60 and with underlying health conditions. On the other hand, our grandchildren will likely be fine even if they do come down with it. Uncertainty reigns, as always.

So I wonder this, as life billows smoke inside my head
This little game where nothing is sure
Why would you play by the rules?
Who did? You did. You…

~ Dave Matthews
♫ (Dodo) ♫

11 thoughts on “sitting ducks”

  1. Thoughtful post. Rightly or wrongly, I don’t worry about this virus. Many more people have died from the flu,. If we worry about all the germs out there, we’d be isolated in our homes and lonely. However, I had to laugh at my granddaughter (11) who told my guy and me: “the virus is worse for the ELDERLY!” – looking straight at us. I protested loudly. 🙂

    1. I think about the flu statistics, too, but because I get a flu shot every year I feel protected, even if that might be an illusion. Coping with radiation proctitis recently has made me feel vulnerable and “elderly” for the first time. But you seem healthy and full of life to me, Pam, and I can definitely see why you would protest the label! 🙂 I hope your granddaughter won’t be too worried about you.

      1. Granddaughter kinda smirked when she said it. She’s more worried about my guy, who is 8 years older. A little worry from a loved one isn’t bad. Take care and stay healthy! xo

        1. A little worry balanced with a dose of levity, what will be will be. Wishing you, your guy, and your wonderful granddaughter all the best in the coming months. *hugs*

  2. Hi Barbara. Glad you are ok. It is hard waiting and wondering, but we are not travellers and are following all the handwashing advice. I hope we all emerge from this a little kinder, a little more stoic and a lot more grateful.

    1. Thank you for your wise words, Jane. For all we know our lives could be disrupted by other unpredictable things, like a tornado or earthquake, or a traffic accident on the way to the grocery store… Living is risky so it is good to be grateful for all the blessings we have, in spite of the dangers.

  3. I love the painting. I am really drawn to the woman in the picture. I am always impressed by how you are always able to find the perfect picture to illustrate posts. I try not to worry about things, but it can be really difficult.

    1. Thank you, Sheryl! I also found the painting compelling, being ill is something we’ve all experienced. I do love hunting for relevant paintings on WikiArt. Today I’m feeling less anxious ~ maybe writing the post was therapeutic…

  4. It is very concerning, this whole pandemic being transmitted across the world. It only seems like it’s spreading more and more, but I hope you can keep Connecticut “clean”. Stay safe!

    1. Connecticut now has 12 detected cases. Everything is closing around here, schools, museums, attractions, gatherings, parades. (We live in a tourist area.) I hope you stay safe where you are, too!

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