8 thoughts on “scooter master”

  1. I’m impressed too, particularly as I was hopeless with scooters even when I was a lot older than Finn!

    How are you, Barbara? I’ve been away from reading blogs for so long, I don’t really know what’s been happening in your life. x

    1. I don’t remember ever having a scooter but I do remember struggling valiantly with a pogo stick one year. Never did get the hang of it.

      If you go back to the previous post you can read about my latest health crisis. Been having a rough time of it. So nice to hear from you again, Val! ♡

          1. I replied to the other post via your blog, and this one via the notifications panel that’s now in wordpress dot com blogs. This one made it go through straight away as I suspected it would. I do sometimes have problems with commenting on self-hosted sites and my comments going to spam instead. Don’t know why, though.

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