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On our next visit to the beach we sat in our usual spot to enjoy some supper and noticed that my gull friend wasn’t around. Instead we had two large juvenile great black-backed gulls (above and below) pacing back and forth in front of us, probably hoping for a handout. Eventually they will learn that these two humans never feed gulls! Perhaps they were the offspring of the gull bothering my herring gull during our previous visit?

Anyhow, after we ate we took a little walk. Tim spotted my gull friend first, sitting way out on a section of rocks where we are not allowed to climb. I called out a greeting but he seemed determined to ignore me. He turned his head a couple of times, but didn’t respond. And so parts of a Van Morrison song came to mind…

Other times you just can’t reach me
Seems like I’ve got a heart of stone
Guess I need my solitude
And I have to make it on my own

Well I guess I’m going A.W.O.L.
Disconnect my telephone
Just like Greta Garbo
I want to be alone

Too long to decode all the secrets
Have to get some elbow room
Most people think that everything
Is just what they assume

Well I know I’m going A.W.O.L.
Tell everyone I’m not at home
Just like Greta Garbo
I just want to be alone

~ Van Morrison
♫ (Just Like Greta) ♫

Having a very strong need for “alone” time myself I gave him his space and let him be.

13 thoughts on “do not disturb”

  1. Both the guy I’m seeing and I have the need for lots of time alone. It took me awhile to not be hurt by his need for space, until I realized that I shared the same need. And it wasn’t a reflection on my affection for him…

    1. It’s wonderful that you were able to figure out what you both need and find a good balance. It’s been an adjustment for me now that Tim is retired, but he’s taken up a hobby (ham radio) so I still get a good amount of alone time. 🙂

    1. Those pink feet are adorable, making him look so innocent. He still has a lot ot learn! 🙂 I know how well you understand about alone time, my friend.

  2. Interesting Barbara … yes, birds, just like humans, may like to pick and choose their interactions. Perhaps it was an off day, or he grew tired of the noise and screeching of the other gulls and sought peace and quiet. That day I saw all the gulls with the man’s bread, while some of the gulls proceeded to crash into one another in their haste to get the bread, others backed off and just went to the railing to perch. I thought ‘there’s a title … ‘away from the maddening crowd'” though I think I’ve used it before with a flock of birds. I had a photo last year of a gull sitting down like that, kind of tucked down and it always amazes me how they get so compact, then take off and this incredible wingspan appears out of nowhere.

    1. It is amazing how each gull has a personality and its own moods. But I’ve been happy to learn that they are devoted parents sharing in incubating the eggs and feeding and protecting the young. Is it “Far from the Maddening Crowd” you’re thinking of? Yup, I’ve seen lots of maddening crowds of gulls! 🙂 I like them better when they’re away from the crowd and woolgathering instead. 😉

      1. Yes, that is it … “Far from the Maddening Crowd”. That is like doves. My neighbor had a pair of Mourning Doves move onto a mesh basket that was empty and awaiting flowers to be planted. They were on her deck and she had a bird’s eye view of the nest and activity. She watched the male attend to the female while she incubated the eggs (one unfortunately did not hatch), then both parents brought food and gave their youngster flying lessons.

        1. That must have been so thrilling to watch the mourning doves raise their chick. Hmmmm… Maybe I should try leaving out an empty mesh basket on my balcony…

          1. Yes, she really enjoyed it and because of the doorwall from her kitchen to her deck, she could watch without them really seeing her – she stepped behind a drape. She sent me pictures and we awaited the incubation period to see the “hatch” … this shows you the baby and you can see the mesh flower basket in case you decide to try it. This post shows the baby the most, but the next posts, is just a picture in the post – it’s a long post, but you’ll see the one dove picture:


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