getting started

Papa at work in his lab

Finally, after years of eldercare, our own health problems, and helping to welcome our grandchildren into the family, I find myself with actual free time! It feels very strange.

So, I’ve been able to roll up my sleeves and tackle the pile of stuff taking up half of the guest/genealogy room. Three large boxes of stuff have been donated (mostly knick knacks) and a couple of large bags have gone to the dumpster. And I’m starting to find some of the buried treasure. Tim set me up with a scanner so I’m on a roll now!

Grandfather examining refrigerated bottles of ?

These two pictures were taken by my grandmother, probably sometime in the 1960s. It makes me smile to think that my father took his in-laws to work with him one day, probably while my sister and I were at school and my mother was at work. They were very proud of his accomplishments. He was the first in our family to get a PhD. My sister would become the second.

We should be getting some snow tomorrow ~ that would be nice if only the rain wasn’t predicted to come wash it all away.

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  1. Oh, You always hit the nail on the head with “where you’re at” in life, seems to ironically coincide with my life. You are so fortunate to have such wonderful relatives, all so accomplished. And, the knick knack thing…..I so want to tell people, no more!!!!

    1. The old knick knacks were surprisingly easy to let go of and I was astonished by how many there were. The hardest part (I think) is still ahead of me. Soon I will have to go through the boxes from our grandparents’ houses… I hope Phil is doing better ~ we miss seeing him outside, walking Chief! ♡

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