a new (to me) bird and my snuggle bug

Carolina wren ~ Image source: AnimalSpot.net
11.30.18 ~ Finn, my snuggle bug, four weeks old, last day of visit ~ photo by Larisa

Home again… After almost two months in North Carolina helping out with the arrival of Finn we are finally back in Connecticut, savoring memories and looking forward to the holidays. I already miss playing with Katherine and snuggling with Finn every day.

One of the many delightful things that happened during my visit was discovering Carolina wrens. I’m pretty sure it was one in particular that kept singing outside my window. And another male answering from a bit farther away. Identifying their territories presumably. Then one day while I was sitting on the couch and cuddling Finn I saw the little bird out on the porch singing the familiar tune. Now I could identify him! I’ve never seen one in Connecticut. The afternoon before leaving I was washing dishes under the open kitchen window when the wren landed on a bush right in front of me and sang once again. A lovely good-bye gift.

2 thoughts on “a new (to me) bird and my snuggle bug”

  1. We have them here and I love watching them build their nest in the wren house we inherited from the previous owners of the house and property. Your little snuggle bug is quite adorable. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Robin. 🙂 My snuggle bug is coming with his family for a visit in 2 weeks ~ I’m counting the days!

      Now you have me wondering if I look carefully in the tree outside the guest room window I might find the wren’s nest… (next visit)

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