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6.18.17 ~ Durham, North Carolina

Katherine still loves music. So, after dropping off her papa at the airport for a 2-week business trip to Ireland, her mama and I took her to a cool place in Durham called Notasium, a music-based indoor play space. The heat and humidity outside was unbearable the first week of my visit.

6.18.17 ~ Durham, North Carolina

Katherine ran and danced with joy. She loved pressing the buttons to hear music from different cultures (Mexico was her favorite) and then running over to the bouncy house to jump with her mom and look out the screen window. Then back to the Touch Notes and repeat.

6.18.17 ~ Durham, North Carolina

Katherine had agreed to the rule to wear socks in the play space, but after a while, since she prefers going barefoot, she decided to remove her socks. Her mother gently reminded her of the rule.

6.18.17 ~ Durham, North Carolina ~ waiting for mom to come out of the bouncy house

Then on to a giant slide. One is supposed to climb a giant guitar fret-board to get to the top of the slide!

6.18.17 ~ Durham, North Carolina
6.18.17 ~ Durham, North Carolina

Later, when we were looking over these pictures Katherine exclaimed, “My beautiful dress!” It is her favorite and she wore it quite often while I was visiting. 🙂 These were the only pictures I got during my two week stay. On the days when I had Katherine, while Larisa was at work, there was no way to pause and take pictures.

But they were delightfully happy hours. My heart melted when Katherine finally started calling me Grammy. And when she loved my (grass-fed beef, gluten-free) meatloaf and roasted baby potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts. (So I made it again the second week!) Most days we sported matching pony tails. 🙂

I also had a chance to visit with friends from high school living in the area, and family. Tim’s brother and his wife recently moved back from Germany to a place about an hour and a half away from Larisa & Dima. Fran and I had a good day taking Katherine to the Museum of Life & Science. It was a very busy, exhausting, but super lovely visit!

10 thoughts on “new adventures”

  1. How nice that we get to spend a little time with Katherine also! I can only imagine how well you slept after being too active to take any other pictures during your visit!

    1. It was like playing follow the leader all day long! I slept like a log every night. 🙂 Now I miss waking up and starting my day with her…

  2. Such a warm story. Katherine is growing up so beautifully. I love her dress too. Very sweet day you all had! Thank you for sharing, dear Barbara! I wish you all well 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sonali! When I was about Katherine’s age I remember having a little pair of red sneakers that I adored ~ I used to stare at them when we were riding in the car and I couldn’t see out the window. (No seatbelts back then!)

  3. What a lovely experience for both of you! I treasure the times I spent with grandchildren when they were small, and the world was full of wonders.

    1. Like you, I know I will be treasuring these simple, sweet memories for the rest of my life. It’s such a magical, delightful time of life! 🙂

    1. It’s so much fun when children begin talking in earnest and we get glimpses into their thoughts. 🙂

      1. When my son was that age he helped me all one morning take pine needles and scatter them around the rhododendron… he looked a little puzzled and suddenly asked ‘Mom, why are we putting pine needles on the Road of Dendron’?

        1. What a sweet memory! I love those little puzzled looks our children got when they were trying to figure out what we were saying and doing and why. 🙂

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