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7.24.17 ~ house finch by Timothy Rodgers

Yesterday afternoon a flash of bright red in the arborvitae trees behind our condo caught my eye. This little fellow was feasting away on the tree’s seeds, off and on, all afternoon. When Tim got home he decided to take some pictures through the sliding glass doors. My Facebook friends helped me to identify him.

7.24.17 ~ house finch by Timothy Rodgers

I know most people don’t feel the same way, but the weather yesterday was wonderful! The temperatures were about 20 degrees below normal and we got a good soaking rain. It felt like October! What a pleasant respite from the heat of summer ~ no hum from the air conditioner and a visit from this sweet little bird.

4 thoughts on “a new visitor”

  1. Lovely new visitor! Yes it would be nice to turn off the air conditioners and open window to let in fresh air along with the sounds summer. Yet at the moment those are reduce to walks in the evening when it is cool enough to walk along the lake or around the park… Creatures are a bit scarce right now because they have been cutting back the undergrowth up the lake…

    1. What’s that old saying, Jeff? Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun… But I try to focus on the gifts summers offer, the lovely gardens, eating outside in the evening by the water, Shakespeare-in-the-Park, the occasional cooler day… Sorry to hear you’re seeing fewer creatures ~ I hope you will also soon have a new visitor to brighten your day!

  2. That is a lovely bird. It looks like it has been painting and messily got red paint on itself! We’re lucky to get any sort of summer here in the UK but, even though I love sunny warm weather, I can’t cope with extremes of temperature whether hot or cold.

    1. The female is rather plain, though. As the week went on another male and a female came to feed with him. Every once in a while the female would flap her wings and chase off one of the males but I couldn’t tell which male was which.

      From what I read and hear the weather on the British Isles is much milder than ours, both summer and winter. I think I would enjoy living there!

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