5.6.17 ~ Katherine at the grave of her great-great-grandparents

She’s too little to understand just yet but I think she recognized her name, the one she shares with her great-great-grandmother, Katherine. We were at the cemetery to spread some of my aunt’s ashes on her parents’ grave, as she had wished us to do. Will share some things from the memorial we had for my Aunt Lil soon…

4 thoughts on “namesake”

  1. I love that you are keeping track of the family. My mom said I walked for the first time a year after my Grandma died on the farm. It was lovely to see the grave marker. I’ll call Em to check on the memorial to Aunt Lil

    1. What a sweet story, Ron! I always wondered what my paternal grandmother was like since she was an immigrant and died so long before I was born. I’m glad she lived long enough to have the joy of welcoming two grandchildren, you and Walter, into the family.

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