4 thoughts on “matchless earth”

  1. Beautiful sentiment – the earth is indeed ‘matchless’. And the colors here are matchless as well – bringing to life the deep, earthy colors of autumn.

    1. As far as we can tell for the time being, the experience of living on our planet is unparalleled in the known universe, and being surrounded by a lovely autumn – breathtaking…

      Happy Thanksgiving, Aubrey! I know you’re very busy creating a delightful feast!

  2. For some reason, I was really drawn to the expression on the woman’s face, as well as the way she is holding her skirt (to keep it out of the mud?). I actually even googled the picture to try to learn more about it – but didn’t find much background/contextual information.

    1. I wonder if I’ve seen it in person – it’s at the National Gallery of Art, in Washington D.C. – I’ve only been there twice. Her expression, to me, is as if she’s wishing the painter would hurry up and finish so she could get on with her walk. 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving, Sheryl! Will you preparing any 100-year-old recipes this year?

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