from daffodils to snow
3.21.16 ~ second day of spring in Groton, Connecticut. The small dumpster is for construction debris from our bathroom renovation.

It’s been snowing! I’ve come back from my twelve days in North Carolina, where spring has already sprung, big time!
3.13.16 ~ daffodils blooming in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Poor Katherine… it’s no fun when it’s so nice outside but you are miserable with a fever and a very runny nose. And you don’t want to get out of your pajamas or comb your hair or let go of your bunny or blanket… And your visiting Grammy still insists on getting some pictures of you!
“Katherine and Hopkins the bunny.”
“Maybe I will try taking a little walk.”
“Getting warm, time to take off this jacket. Yes, I do know that one pajama leg is scrunched up and I don’t care!”
“Maybe Daddy can get the blanket draped over my shoulders just the way I want it.”
“Then again, maybe not. Oh well.
Feeling warm enough so I’ll just sit here with Hopkins and Daddy again.”

Several hours later – it must have been at least 80°F in the afternoon!
“Mommy persuaded me to get dressed and follow her out to the garden,
but I still don’t feel well…”
“Mommy & I fixed the position of a slate stepping stone that had shifted over the winter”

I had a lovely time visiting the little one and her parents. Their new house is beautiful. Larisa and I planted some seeds in her vegetable garden, re-potted a couple of plants, discussed colors for painting the walls, took walks, ate out several times, and went shopping for all sorts of things for the house and for clothes for Katherine. I also got to spend time with my friend from high school, Susan, who lives only two miles away. We got caught in a scary thunder and hail storm one night on our way home from having dinner out. Yikes! And I had plenty of time to work on my ancestor table (see sidebar) while the family was at work and daycare.

Now that I am home work on the bathroom has stalled as we wait for the floor tile to come in. But a lot got done while I was gone. The new closet is framed out, the electrical and plumbing are all done, and the walls are up. And I’m looking out my window at about 5 inches of snow – quite a contrast to the daffodils down south!

8 thoughts on “from daffodils to snow”

    1. How could I forget to mention the super-fresh asparagus treat!?! I also forgot to mention standing in line with Larisa for 2 hours in the sun, hoping to get into a Bernie Sanders rally in Raleigh! It’s amazing all that we packed into 12 days…

    1. Thank you, Tiny! Stuffed animals are perfect little companions – your granddaughter must be adorable with her duckie. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kathy! I do feel very lucky indeed – it’s such a treat to visit her in the spring time. (Tim promised I could see her one way or another at least every three months – I think that works out to once a season!)

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