unofficial end of summer
9.7.15 ~ Eastern Point Beach

Today we went down to the beach for our last hot dogs of the season. I haven’t been taking many pictures this summer – too busy with ailments, illnesses and surgeries and determined to post pictures of our Norway trip before starting on other picture projects. But we’ve been down at the beach as often as possible in the evenings and have enjoyed the gulls and their antics.

I don’t remember what year the tiny laughing gulls started appearing at our beach but there is a large flock of them now. This year they came away from the parking lot, which was an unsatisfactory background for photos, and spent more time on the grass and on the rocks by the water. So I brought the camera today and finally got some good pictures of a couple of them standing on the rocks. I’m pretty sure these are “first summer” non-breeding adults.
9.7.15 ~ Eastern Point Beach

Feeling wistful, yearning for something intangible. It’s still too hot and unbearably humid. Record-breaking temperatures are forecast for the next few days – a heat wave in September. Ugh. Already school districts without air conditioning in classrooms are announcing early dismissals for tomorrow, like they did several times last week. Autumn cannot come soon enough. It will come, though – it always does.

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    1. I feel the same way walking along the water, following the wrack line or climbing on the rocks. I went to the Jersey shore once in the summer with a boyfriend and his family, many years ago when I was a teen. (1970s) It was beautiful – no wonder it’s one of your places!

  1. very hot here too yesterday Barbara, it’s been a cooler summer this year with lots of rainfall, quite a few gulls here but normally they’re flying overhead and I’ve never been able to take a picture, love the photos, thanks

    1. It’s funny, in July our temperatures were running cooler than average, too, and in August things abruptly changed. Yesterday it finally rained – we got three inches here. It stopped the heat wave. We hadn’t had a heat wave in September since 1983 – 32 years!

  2. I’m sure that “something” that you’re yearning for is cooler weather, Barbara, (that is if it isn’t little Katie back in your arms again!) I feel the way you have described, at the end of every summer, when you feel that your life is lacking, then realise that what you are lacking is a good nights sleep and a hearty, winter style, roast dinner! As the heat continues, you may have to spend some more time with the gulls at the beach, paddling through the cool water. Take care. xx

    1. Joanne, it’s true about cooler weather – it’s amazing how the elements and climate can affect our moods. We’re always teasing back and forth with our neighbors, who like the heat and humidity. We vacationed in Norway, they vacationed in the Caribbean – some like it hot, some like it cold. 🙂 But the worst of it (for us) seems to be behind us now, the humidity is going down as I write. Yes, definitely a roast dinner! Already dreaming of family around the Thanksgiving table…

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