a sea-blue tale

“Storm at Belle-Ile” by Claude Monet

There are no footprints on the sea
and no road-signs, not a single
guard-stone or post, and no
bends, only paths of light and dark
from which to choose, the choice is always
a difficult navigation
and the storm’s wingspan immeasurable
as the depths and the horizon, but
the sea holds you in its mighty hand
your life is a sea-blue tale
of love and death.
~ Åse-Marie Nesse
(At Sea)

8 thoughts on “a sea-blue tale”

  1. How timely! The poem is suppose is very true.
    I just recently had the opportunity to go to the shore twice in two weeks, each adventure was different in its observations.

    1. How wonderful that you had a chance to to go to the shore, Jeff! It’s striking how different a beach can be each time we visit it, a gentle reminder of the endless flow that is the universe.

  2. Love the pairing of poem and painting. I’ve never seen either before. Now wouldn’t that painting be wonderful on my mantle. I’d never have to travel again! Jane

    1. Thank you, Jane! This would be a beautiful painting to hang – I was surprised to see that it is also available printed on a 50″ x 60″ polyester fleece blanket…

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