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  1. The good thing about waiting for a birth (in the oven a wee bit longer than expected) is that the respiratory system (the last system to finalize) will be absolutely, completely, and totally ready to rock-n-roll!

    1. That’s good to know, Laurie! I was born two weeks late – if Larisa takes after my mother this little girl may not be born until the 25th. I had no idea that attempts to induce labor aren’t always successful. Can’t wait to hear that little voice coming from those healthy lungs!

    1. The next full moon isn’t until October 8, but there is a new moon September 24, a good time for new beginnings I would guess. September 23 is the first day of autumn…

      1. If she’s born today, we’ll have to nickname her Autumn. Can you imagine? An Autumn and a Summer born in the same year?

        Hope you are enjoying thinking up distractions for the mother-to-be.

        Hugs to all.

        1. The very same thought popped into my head this morning when I was waking up – two little girls with the names of seasons born in the same year… The funny thing is, Larisa likes the name Autumn and is tossing the idea around, but Dima is not too keen on it so far. We’ll see what happens when they fill out the birth certificate.

          There have been plenty of distractions, thankfully! We’re about to set up the little “pack and play” for the baby to sleep in when she comes home…

    1. I’m wondering the same thing, Rosie… If she had been born on the 19th it was the one year anniversary of my father’s death, which I thought would have been meaningful. Aside from the autumn equinox and the new moon, no other dates come to mind.

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