la dulce espera

Larisa ~ 9.11.14 ~ Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The due date has arrived! My friend, who works as a free-lance translator, tells me that in Spanish pregnancy is called “la dulce espera,” the sweet wait. Very sweet, indeed!

Last night Tim & I went for a walk into town after supper. The humidity here is unbearable! But the streets are tree-lined and pretty, with lots of old stone walls and brick pathways along the way. And the singing insects – I have no idea what they are but they don’t sound anything like the crickets in Connecticut.

We spotted a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlor… I may find that a stop hard to resist if the humidity breaks and we go out again.

The mother-to-be is feeling well and the midwife says it could be any day now… Will keep you all posted!

21 thoughts on “la dulce espera”

  1. The last moments before arrival and those right after are so sweet, so very precious. Such a special time to be with your new grand baby.
    And mama and baby are beautiful, just beautiful!

    1. Last night we sat on the couch watching and feeling the little one move around – it truly is a thrilling experience to make contact with this new life. Soon we will see her and hold her in our arms!

    1. Tim actually took the picture… Larisa posted the picture on Facebook and warned everyone not to make jokes about her being barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen. She was actually on her way to work! 🙂

      1. The sweet wait continues… Larisa has had a few contractions but they are too far apart to get excited about yet. I’m beginning to think this is how the idea of a “pregnant pause” originated…

  2. This pretty woman is so happy, has a very innocent smile and expectation of the
    coming life…. with all the best wishes and joys.

  3. I’m tingling all over. I have a similar photo of my daughter days before delivery. We all enjoyed the ‘sweet waiting,’ and we reveled, as you do now, on the miracle of our beginnings. All the best to your grandbaby’s grand arrival.

    1. Thank you, Pam. It really is an awe-inspiring miracle, isn’t it? These are very special days, and like you and your family, I’m sure we will remember the sweet waiting for as long as we live. But please hurry, little one!

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