gull mystery
8.1.14 ~ Eastern Point Beach

I wonder if some of these big juvenile gulls could be hybrids. I have given up trying to identify them…
8.1.14 ~ Eastern Point Beach

All things come and go:
People, seasons, the wind.
Only the sea remains,
the sea’s breakers repeating themselves.
Never the same.
Always the same.
~ Kolbein Falkeid
(Sea & Sky)
8.1.14 ~ Eastern Point Beach
8.1.14 ~ Eastern Point Beach
8.1.14 ~ Eastern Point Beach

6 thoughts on “gull mystery”

    1. Love the name, Laurie. On my next visit to the beach I started identifying these giant babies as latte gulls. 🙂

  1. Gulls can be notoriously difficult to identify- some have 1st year plumage, 2nd year plumage, and adult plumage. One gull’s 2nd year plumage might look like another gull’s 1st year plumage…it can be quite a challenge!

    1. You know, Tracy, last summer I bought a huge Peterson reference guidebook, “Gulls of the Americas,” complete with zillions of pictures of all the different gulls in all their various life stages, including breeding and non-breeding adults. Right in the preface it says identifying them can vex the most experienced observers. It sure is a challenge!

    1. So glad you’re enjoying the latte gulls, Kathy. They do seem to love to pose and seem as curious about me as I am of them.

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