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  1. I have loved this quote since I first read it as child. Imagine the “magic” that we now call magnets, Haley’s Comet, TV, radios, Oranges in Connecticut in December, and electricity.

    This picture of the drone was taken at a “Brits by the Sea” event about old British cars. There were several hundred old Triumphs, MGs, Jaguars, Rileys, Bug Eye Sprites, etc, etc. It fascinated me that we had cars from the 1930’s and then this modern drone floating around with it’s Go-Pro cam capturing all the sights. It drew its fair share of interest as well.

  2. Len (my husband) recently got to “play” with a “drone” with advanced camera technology. He had a complete and total blast. To me, it was, indeed, like MAGIC!

    1. I have a feeling these drone/camera sightings will soon be as commonplace as spotting cars and cell phones when one is out and about. I bet Len did have a blast – I am sure Tim can’t wait to get his hands on one. 🙂

  3. OK, I’m curious…is this drone art? Or is it like a camera or a drone that one might use? I’ll bet your husband is happy that you shared it here.

    1. No, not art per se, but I suppose technology can be considered an art. It’s a drone with a camera attached. If we had not heard the buzzing high over our heads we might never had noticed it was there. We stared at it, following it with our eyes, until I spotted the man who seemed to be operating it, way across the field.

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