driftwood twisted

Painted Bunting on Driftwood by Robert Burton/USFWS
painted bunting on driftwood by Robert Burton

Even driftwood twisted into wooden ghosts, overgrown worms, gnarled and craggy, appeals. The final arbitrator of its form has been friction with the world. It becomes what it is through long travel.
~ Barbara Hurd
(Walking the Wrack Line: On Tidal Shifts & What Remains)

18 thoughts on “driftwood twisted”

    1. I don’t think I’ve seen this bird before, either, but will be keeping an eye out for one next time I’m down south visiting my kids. We love driftwood, too, and have pieces of it in our decor, including one brought in by Hurricane Sandy. *hugs*

  1. Indeed, nature always has much to show and teach us: different elements, species, scenes of beauty and artlessness. Apparently, things can be mismatched, at odd.. but that’s often the splendor of it. What is the bird doing there? It seems these two elements bind experience and innocence, old past and young present together… They can still learn, cheer up one another… And that would turn out to be real Healing magic for human soul and heart. Thank you Barbara for your insightful inspiring choice!

    1. You’re welcome, Sadok! Nature is indeed healing, and a wise teacher, too, showing us helpful insights if we take the time to notice them. She is beautiful and brutal all at once. I wonder if the bunting is looking for insects? It is such a nice contrast, the colorful bird and plain brown wood, both lovely.

    1. It is! I never know what delights I will find browsing around in the National Digital Library! 🙂

    1. Me, too, Sybil. So much nautical salvage there to collect, old wooden lobster traps, buoys, oars, all kinds of flotsam and jetsam…

  2. “The final arbitrator of its form has been friction with the world.” We are all driftwood and or Diamonds being forged to present our authentic self!

    1. So true, Jeff, and authenticity has all of the beauty of driftwood and diamonds. There is so much unity found in diversity, and so much love to be found in adversity.

  3. Enjoyed this photography. What beautiful colors of this bird. I often think of collecting driftwood and bringing it to my basement where I could create something with it. I’ve seen some truly artistic things done with it at various art shows. We are fortunate to be so close to the water and all it brings to our shores. Thanks for your insights.

    1. You’re welcome, Susan. I feel the same way you do, always grateful to be so close to the ocean with a wrack line to explore and a horizon to reflect upon… I’d be curious to see what you might create using driftwood. Have you ever been to the Company of Craftsmen shop on West Main Street in Mystic? I love looking at the crafts there, carved out of wood by local artists…

    1. You’re welcome, Diane! I’m so happy to know you enjoyed the combination. I wonder how rare it is to spot a painted bunting…

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