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  1. Oh how doggone fun (or dragon-fun, as the case may be). This post reminds me…

    …several decades ago (when I was much younger and clearly non-bright), while camping in the Arizona dessert in a sleeping bag under the stars, I felt a movement near my legs. Grabbing my flashlight and whipping back the bag simultaneously, I looked into the startled eyes of a creature that looked much like the one in the photograph. I’m not sure what it was, but I learned that it was NOT a gila monster or I’d have been dead). I felt rather Christ-like in my new-found ability to “walk on water” — I believe I ran without my feet ever touching the ground!

    1. Oh Laurie, I laughed so hard when I read this and pictured you running from the lizardy creature across the Arizona desert! I wonder if his legs were carrying him swiftly off in the other direction!

      My sister lived in the desert of New Mexico back in the 90s and she adopted a female iguana named Lizzie. She and her husband would take Lizzie for walks on a golf course and let her wander around their hovel during the day. They also had a huge spider named Olivia and of course, Bernie, the cat, who had a great relationship with Lizzie. And my sister still wonders why I never came to visit her there!

  2. Too right, it’s not a good idea at all to be unaware of these large reptiles when they are near! Not that they would harm you if you leave them to themselves, but they do indeed look fearsome and dragon-like.

    I had to laugh at Laurie’s story. My son, when he was about three years old, came face to face with a Blue-Tongue Lizard in the garden and ran screaming to the back door…I’m sure his feet hardly touched the ground! 🙂

    1. You piqued my curiosity, Joanne, so I googled Blue-Tongue Lizard to see what creature sent your little guy running back to the house. What an amazing tongue! My sister’s iguana bit her once and was told that if they were fed meat instead of vegetation they tend to start biting the hand that feeds them. But I imagine in the wild, like most animals, they don’t bother you unless you bother them. Still, I’d give one a wide berth!

    1. But we dwell in possibility, don’t we Kathy? We calculate how we might change our plans if/when a live dragon appears!

    1. Oh yes, Charles, those well-hidden dragons are the ones that wreak the most havoc with our calculations and best laid plans…

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