so many claims

8.18.13 ~ Groton, Connecticut
ring-billed gull ~ 8.18.13 ~ Eastern Point Beach

This week I have not read any book, nor once walked in the woods and field. I meant to give its days to setting outward things in order, and its evenings to writing. But, I know not how it is, I can never simplify my life; always so many ties, so many claims! However, soon the winter winds will chant matins and vespers, which may make my house a cell, and in a snowy veil enfold me for my prayer.
~ Margaret Fuller
(Letter to William H. Channing, October 25, 1840)

10 thoughts on “so many claims”

  1. Barbara – I oh-so empathize with Margaret Fuller’s words. We thought our home would have sold by now, but it appears that we’ll have to winter-over one more season. There’s a pretty harsh stretch of weather between Nov and Mar. I shall “enfold” myself at home and get lots of reading and writing done 🙂

    Great photo!

    1. Thank you, Laurie!

      It’s frustrating when the housing market doesn’t cooperate with our plans, isn’t it? We’ve been thinking of moving, too, but after the value of our home had doubled, it has now fallen almost back to the price we paid for it. Grumbling about that! Are you planning to move farther south?

      1. Barbara – If we moved today, this moment, our choice would be Boise, Idaho. The property and income tax rates are reasonable (unlike the state we currently live in). Plus, it gets less than half the snow we currently experience. Additionally, there’s TONS to see and do.

        We’re in the same position house-wise. While the property taxes go up each year, the value has plummeted — (you’d think that would be illegal). We’re almost back to what we paid for it 20 years ago.

        1. It seems like a lot of us folks are in the same boat as far as the value of our homes goes. It sounds like you’ve done a lot of research before deciding where you’d like to move, Laurie. I was delighted to discover that Boise is called the City of Trees, which makes it sound like a very agreeable place to live. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that your house sells in the spring and that you will finally be on your way to Boise!

  2. Oh you poor thing, this is how you are feeling, isn’t it? You are strong though, take good care of yourself and those you love the most. Hugs to you, dear friend. xxx

    1. You are so perceptive, Joanne – this is exactly how I was feeling! August was one crisis after another. Thank you so much for your moral support and hugs, my dear friend.

    1. Thank you, Robin… Yes, the enfolding of winter, what a blessing it will be after the long string of crises this spring and summer brought us… I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing about your winter walks around your new home.

    1. Thank you, Diane! A time of balance and calm would be most welcome to my stress-weary soul. Looking forward to reading the sequel to “A House Near Luccoli” very soon! *hugs*

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