Mothers Day


…image by Hanneke Koop, used with permission…

I miss thee, my Mother!  Thy image is still
The deepest impress’d on my heart,
And the tablet so faithful in death must be chill
Ere a line of that image depart.
Thou wert torn from my side when I treasured thee most –
When my reason could measure thy worth;
When I knew but too well that the idol I’d lost
Could be never replaced upon earth.
~ Eliza Cook
(Melaia & Other Poems)

12 thoughts on “Mothers Day”

    1. Thank you, Kathy! Bittersweet describes the feeling perfectly – I don’t usually post anything for Mothers Day, but Hanneke’s painting made me think of my mother and then I stumbled across the poem, so…. 🙂

    1. We lost our mothers at such a young age, didn’t we, Sheryl? And yet it feels like it was only yesterday…

  1. What a whimsical painting and poignant poem! The blessing of having a loving mother will never leave us. Hope you had a lovely day as I am sure she would want you to. Thanks for sharing, Barbara. XO

    1. You’re welcome, Diane, so pleased you enjoyed the painting and poem! One of my aunts lost her two sons many years ago, so every Mothers Day I bring her some flowers. It helps me to remember that some mothers are missing their children, too. I hope you and your mother also had a lovely day! *hugs*

  2. When I lost my mother when I was 35, I realised that you are never old enough to lose your mother. Now, every Mother’s Day, my attention is focused completely on my own children. Sending love to you. xxx

    1. That’s another thing we have in common, Joanne. I was 34 when I lost my mother and I still feel like an orphan. Mostly I focus on my aunt on Mothers Day – I’m missing a mother and she is missing her children. Love and hugs to you, too!

  3. Hi Barbara. Love the watercolor and the way the bird and woman are focused on one-another. I miss my Mom every day. This Mother’s Day seemed to be for the next generation, hearing calls to my sister from her kids and getting a call from my son. Jane

    1. Hanneke is a wonderful artist! This painting made me think of my mother at first glance because most of the messages I’ve received from her after she died have been delivered by birds. I agree, Jane, getting phone calls from our children is definitely the best of gifts to enjoy!

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