Flightingale Infirmary

Flightingale Infirmary created by Linda, Norman & Joseph Legassie
Flightingale Infirmary created by Linda, Norman & Joseph Legassie

Florence Flightingale is a faerie specializing in wing repair. Fireflies are the first-responders to the soft hush of the sunset’s glow – brightening the way for summertime fun – and even twilight painting. But what happens when a firefly scorches a wing-tip? It’s Flightingale to the rescue for all sorts of wing injuries: burned, torn, or just plain worn. Indeed, this boulder’s shoulder is a welcomed sight when fluttering troubles strike for beetles, bees, birds, and butterflies.
~ Wee Faerie Village: Land of Picture Making

14 thoughts on “Flightingale Infirmary”

    1. Isn’t it great to let the little ones know that there is a fairy nurse who can look after the injuries befalling beetles, bees, birds, and butterflies?

      1. Yes,it is.I am finding out about all kinds of fairies lately and the kids are loving it and now I can even show them a picture of one on your blog.They are so hard to spot sometimes.

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