I am soooooooooooooooooooooo tired……………..

It was only ten days ago that Auntie came home from the hospital with eight stitches or staples in the back of her head, on the mend, and a few days ago when her doctor removed them in his office. Yesterday Tim & I finished preparing for the big storm and went to bed, content that we were as ready for it as anyone could be.

We only had two hours of sleep when the phone rang. Auntie had fallen yet again and this time she broke her hip or her pelvis. The local hospital felt she would get better care at a bigger hospital so off we went in the wee hours of this morning for another long vigil at an emergency department until they found a bed for her so she could be admitted. When they transferred her from the gurney to the bed, as gently as possible, her cries and screams of pain tore my heart open…

After Auntie got settled and we felt satisfied that she was in good hands we had no choice but to leave her there. The sun was rising behind the gathering clouds – a monster storm is on its way. I saw on the news this evening that the hospital was calling in extra staff and testing its generators in preparation. Governor Malloy has declared a state of emergency. He said the storm is a hurricane blending with a nor’easter and that we could have an eight foot storm surge. The barometric pressure is forecast to be so low it will break all the record lows in this state.

I still haven’t been able to sleep. And now I have an earache.

Must get a cup of green tea and honey and then some sleep now, but I hope to have some time tomorrow to visit blogs and respond to comments. I have much catching up to do in the blogosphere, at least until we lose power! Good night all – things will surely look brighter in the morning.

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  1. Sending you thoughts of a soft, deep bed and the sounds of a gentle sea. Sleep peacefully. Tomorrow will indeed bring a new adventure!

    Hugs to you both.

    1. Thank you so much, Janet! This is indeed an adventure and we’ve been enjoying watching the birds and squirrels trying to decide where to go or what to do. Hope you guys are safely tucked in for the storm. *hugs*

  2. Sending Reiki your way, to you and your auntie !
    We have been preparing down here too for the storm, batteries, candles, kerasine lamps filled and tested. Our area may start getting wet this evening, the Mayor of Philly signed a state of emergency to begin today at 4:30 pm until Weds.

    1. Thank you for the gift of Reiki energy, Jeff! Must be why my ear felt much better the next day. 🙂 So glad you’ve made preparations for any eventuality. I’m reading that parts of Virginia are starting to see snow, and may get 2 or 3 feet of it in the mountains! What a storm!

  3. Ah, what a day you all had. I hope you slept well last night, both of you. And that your Auntie is resting peacefully today. Be safe through the storm……

    1. Thank you very much, Colleen! We were able to catch up with our sleep and Auntie should be safe and in less pain at the hospital – she’s finally accepting some medication for the pain – she’s highly suspicious of any medication but when my sister promised her she wouldn’t let her become an addict she gave in and took the pill. Phew!

  4. I hope, when you read your comments, that you’re well-rested and have been able to enjoy some uninterrupted sleep. I will keep your auntie and you and Tim in my thoughts and prayers. I hope Sandy doesn’t wreak havoc on CT! We’re preparing for her down here in Virginia and hoping our old home state doesn’t get slammed. Be safe!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, AA! The parking lots at Eastern Point Beach and for the ferries at New London Harbor are already flooded – we’re keeping our eye on updates on the TV. Skipper’s Dock in Stonington Borough is under water and breaking apart. And it’s only just begun. You be safe, too! The storm must be raging where you are as well. The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast are so densely populated – so many will be affected…

      1. Wow! That’s horrible – I can’t believe Skipper’s Dock is breaking apart. BE SAFE! Thinking of you!!! We haven’t had it too bad … yet. Hopefully it won’t amount to much more than what we’ve got now – big gusts of wind. The power is still on – fingers crossed on that one!

        1. Keeping my fingers crossed here, too – frankly I’m very surprised the power is still on here! It’s amazing that you are about 350 miles from here and experiencing weather from the same storm system…

          1. Now I’m reading that Sandy was 1,000 miles wide and the largest hurricane recorded in the northern Atlantic. Zounds!

  5. Oh dear, Barbara! I am so sorry for Auntie. How heart-rendering to think of her screaming in pain. Wishing you safety as Sandy nears. I am nervous for my daughter in NYC. Hoping the storm turns out to sea…

    1. Thank you for your sympathy, Kathy. Being with suffering makes me feel so helpless and overwhelmed… Sending heartfelt thoughts and prayers for Kiah’s safety – I’d be nervous for my daughter, too, except that Larisa is out of the city on vacation. Unfortunately Sandy seems hell-bent on delivering her worst.

    1. Thank you very much, Stephanie! We’ll do our best to stay safe and my sister was able to visit Auntie one last time yesterday before the governor told everyone to stay off the roads, so she knows we won’t forget her there!

  6. Aww.. its sounds so painful to me too – your auntie’s fall! May she recover soon, may the universe heal her soon. I can imagine the running around you must have been doing. Do take sufficient rest dear lady!

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Sonali, you’re a real sweetheart! Auntie is doing well and has become a little spitfire at the rehab center – the nurses are complaining to us about how difficult she is to manage. (We already know this!) She should be home soon…

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