10.29.12 ~ Groton, Connecticut
10.29.12 ~ Groton, Connecticut

Looking east, a short walk from us, Birch Plain Creek at low tide (3:16 pm) covering some of Thomas Road. The creek empties into the sound to the right, about half a mile to the south. Wonder how high the surge will be at high tide (8:52 pm) tonight? Tim says he will go and take pictures in the dark – I’m not so sure about his plan!

10.29.12 ~ Groton, Connecticut
10.29.12 ~ Groton, Connecticut

Looking west from Thomas Road, showing the surge has pushed north up the creek and under the bridge, about where the signs are. Water is creeping up the banks. We live up that little hill, and then to the right, still farther up the hill.

The wind is howling, the walls are creaking, and the lights were flickering a short while ago. We’ve had very little rain. Reports say much of Groton is without power now and we’ll probably be joining them soon. And Groton is now experiencing hurricane-force winds. I think I’m signing out for the time being.

Hoping for the best for everyone in the path of this super storm, and praying that all are well prepared for the worst!

photos by Timothy Rodgers

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      1. Yes we lost power for about 19 hours! Thank goodness for the wood stove! No this area is not affected by gas shortage, I am two hours from NYC, and about an hour north west of the ocean.
        All is good here, some area’s of philly suburbs were flooded, and tree damage, and outages.

        1. You’re lucky to have a wood stove – they have one up at my dad’s, too, which they had to use because they had no power for several days. It’s a challenge keeping elderly people warm enough, even when there is power. Glad you fared so well, all things considered. There were people coming to Connecticut from New York City to find gas…

    1. Wondering if you’ve been through a hurricane in one of the places you’ve lived, Rosie… We were fine – fortunately we seem to keep missing the worst of these storms…

        1. Phew! You must have been breathing a sigh of relief… That’s the thing about hurricanes, even with all our modern forecasting tools, their paths remain highly unpredictable.

    1. I had to laugh at the “GROW-ton” pronunciation, AA. 🙂 Whenever someone has trouble pronouncing Groton, Tim always tells them to remember “rotten Groton” it rhymes with rotten, he stresses! I never thought to switch to the Weather Channel – I was so focused on the local station, riveted to every word of caution and warning the governor was uttering…

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