nevergreen caverns

10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut
Nevergreen Caverns created by David D. J. Rau
10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut
10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut

Tym-Brrr is the faerie of tree stumps and dead wood, a subject often depicted in the foreground of landscape paintings. Twisted and broken trees suggest the awesome power of nature; the aftermath of a lightning storm or strong winds. Tree stumps, on the other hand, humanize an otherwise wild scene. Tym-Brr eats and plays in one cave, sleeps in another, and stores his sailboat for seeking out driftwood in the third. Clues to how trees become “never green” are burned into the outer walls.
~ Wee Faerie Village: Land of Picture Making

10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut
10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut

Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels. But their magic sparkles in nature.
~ Lynn Holland
(A Faerie Treasury)

18 thoughts on “nevergreen caverns”

  1. Barbara, I love this! Magic indeed. It suggests–no, it insists–that the fairies are among us, flitting her and there, perhaps invisible, but whispering to us through their magic sparkles. I do admire art which is created out of nature. In fact, I just posted something on FB which was on Sandi White’s wall–wood pile art!

    1. I remember that stunning image of the owl in flight – at least I think it is an owl – in the woodpile. Glittering wee fairies do so love the woods, glowing and glimmering among the wise old trees. We do hear their whispers and giggles, and sometimes even catch a glimpse of one, but then they vanish in the wink of an eye!

  2. How intricate! Its really marvelous. I mean, how nature creates such unbelievably awesome structures. The fairies are forever working with nature. How pure!

    1. Tym-Brrr sure knows how to work with nature, recycling tree stumps and dead wood into pleasing dwellings and rooms for eating, sleeping, working and playing!

    1. We did see a few small and delighted children, but it was a week day so the older children were in school. Sometimes I had to wait patiently in order to get a picture without people in it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This is wonderful Barbara! I’m so glad you shared this. Would love to know/see the story that is told on the walls.

    1. The story burned into the outer walls might have been studied more intently by us if it hadn’t been so raw and cold that day, especially there by the water. We went inside the museum several times to warm up. Next year I’m bringing my mittens!

    1. I agree, Rosie. There were so many little tiny things to see in the various rooms, it made me start wishing for a special micro lens for my camera…

    1. You would love this exhibit, Diane! If you ever find yourself in Connecticut in October you’ll have to come see them with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

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