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“Angelus” by Theodore Robinson
“Angelus” by Theodore Robinson

The inapprehensible motion of life escapes our daily awareness, as does the tune of the cosmic dust that orders us all in one great dance of life. We do not hear it playing until we come to a point where our ordinary and subtle senses are aligned together. Then we come into harmony and awareness of both worlds at once, the apparent and the unseen worlds in conscious communion within us. These privileged moments cannot be sought; they come unbidden, surprising us into mystical vision. It may be that when we interrupt a walk on a high place at evening to admire the view, we apprehend the revolution of the earth as a physical motion beneath our feet; it may be that we become aware of a rhythm that weaves about the steady beating of our own heart as if it were a partner in a dance.The resonances to which we respond and the relationship between ourselves and the music of life give us the only clues available about the nature of the invisible partner – clues reassuring enough that we can trust the source of our music.
~ Caitlín Matthews
(The Celtic Spirit: Daily Meditations for the Turning Year)

20 thoughts on “privileged moments”

  1. Barbara, this is so lovely! I feel privileged to be starting my day with these thoughts and images in my heart.

    1. So happy the image and thoughts resonated with you, Colleen! We never know what surprising moments the universe may have in store for us each day…

    1. Thank you, Sheryl! I love matching up words and images – it’s very nearly a compulsion and it’s so nice to know that others enjoy looking at them…

  2. I always enjoy a visit to By the Sea, as I know you will have something beautiful to share. This picture is so calm and gentle and matches the words to perfection. The last paragraph reminds me that we must stay in tune with, and trust our instincts. Well, that’s what I’m taking from these lovely words, anyway! 🙂

    1. I enjoy your visits here, too, Joanne. I love the way Caitlín Matthews writes about things that I feel, but never seem to find a way to put into words. The thoughts you are taking from the words resonate with me, too. The mundane parts of life do give us a clue about the mystery surrounding us…

  3. This really kept me thinking. The picture is perfect for the description, It has such a deep meaning. Life is indeed strange & those privileged moments cannot be sought, they come unbidden, surprising us into mystical vision. So true! 😀

    1. So happy you found meaning in the words and the picture together, Sonali. That’s how mystical moments come to me, too, always a delightful surprise when I least expect it. 🙂

  4. “The true source of our music”…those words ring so deeply in my heart. I love the painting that goes with this quote. You have a genius in putting these together in a way that opens us up. Thank you, Barbara.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, dear Kathy, I’m blushing now – or perhaps that is another hot flash turning me beet red… “Genius” is not a word I hear too often… It feels great to get a good grade in “Show & Tell” here. 🙂

      How precious those mystical clues are that reassure us, that lead us inward to know deep in our hearts the invisible partner and the true source of our music… *hugs*

  5. The words of this lovely poem resonate with me. It’s during life’s most peaceful moments that I have a heightened sense of awareness. I find being outdoors amid nature invigorating and a wonderful way to embrace life’s subtle surprises. It’s a matter of awareness that enables me to experience them. Nonetheless, thanks Barbara for sharing this beautiful poem and painting!

    1. You’re welcome, Donna – it’s so nice to know others who are resonating on the same wavelength, so to speak. Like you describe, being out in nature seems to invite that awareness, when ordinary and subtle senses align together and we understand we are one with the universe. I’m reading a book on quantum healing right now and am experiencing even more surprising glimpses – the universe within… *hugs*

    1. Oh my, Diane, I’m so pleased that you’ve been delighted and dazzled enough to share this on Facebook! Thank you very much! I love sharing the words and pictures I find that inspire me and it’s wonderful to know when others find them inspiring, too…

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