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  1. In the morning I “feel” the year falling asleep. Soon it will be too cold to continue my morning tai chi practice outside. There’s getting to be quite a morning “snap” in the air. When it turns into a “bite” I’ll head indoors until next summer.

    1. The changes are subtle but we pick up on them, don’t we? Sounds like you won’t be needing a stay at Camp Laurie again any time soon! 🙂

      “Presentiment – is that long Shadow – on the Lawn –
      Indicative that Suns go down –

      The Notice to the startled Grass
      That Darkness – is about to pass -”

      ~ Emily Dickinson

  2. Hi,
    This reminds me of a time that we spent at a friends place. The crickets there were unbelievable, but to the point of actually being annoying, for such small creatures they sure can build up a crescendo. 🙂

    1. Yes, crickets can be a very noisy bunch! Last year we had a praying mantis in our garden and she kept the cricket population down quite nicely. Maybe one of her daughters is here this year because so far they aren’t too bad. In the past the noise has driven us to distraction…

  3. We were saying today how quickly the summer is going. But if you think of it as just “falling asleep” perhaps it feels right to help it settle down gently. Jane

    1. I like the words you used, “settle down gently.” The seasons do change gently – it’s hard to see any sharp line between them. I’m glad to have the four seasons, they make me appreciate that change is on-going and natural.

  4. Crickets? Argh….. I used to think they were cute until we started to get them in the house each August. I mean really, all night long chirping?!?

  5. Nice one. Oh the year s falling asleep??? Gosh, the days pass so quickly, it seems like the year had just begun, is’nt it? Winter s going to arrive pretty soon too.

  6. A grasshopper jumped from our front door onto my son’ shead and away away away over the fields. He looked a bit dusty. But rain is in the air so he should get a wash shortly.
    No crickets though.

  7. That Thoreau had a nice turn of phrase but I’m not ready to hear about the year falling asleep.

    Post it again in a couple of months. 🙂

    1. But I had to post it on August 21! When I saw that Thoreau wrote these words in his journal on August 21, 1852 it seemed like August 21, 2011 would be the perfect time to post them! 🙂

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