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  1. Barbara,

    It think we all have that need, yet many of us have become unaware of our connection to the trees, and nature in general.

    I read that you went to see “Tree of Life”, are you going to blog about your experience with this film other than now you have to go with Tim to an action movie? LOL.

    1. LOL! I put “Tree of Life” on my growing list of things to blog about after I catch up responding to comments and visiting other blogs. I liked the movie even though I didn’t understand much of it. It seemed almost like a moving painting – it could be interpreted many ways. It certainly captured what it felt like to be a child in that time period, trying to understand parents who didn’t really understand themselves…

    1. Thank you, Melissa! I get most of the images from Wikimedia Commons and the National Digital Library. I could spend hours browsing there, in fact I have, at times… 🙂

  2. The words just flowed, like the gentle swaying movement of the trees’, green soothing leaves. I went to the hill country the other day, just a sight to behold. Rivers, trees , flowers were just pleasing to the senses. But your words made bring them close to me even if they are no longer there.

    1. Actually, the words are lyrics from Mary Chapin Carpenter’s song, but I’m glad you found them as inspiring as I do! Each season has its gifts for us, and “cool, verdant spaces beneath the trees” are one of the blessings of summer… So wonderful you have the memory of your day in the hill country to treasure!

  3. Hi Barbara,
    The words do have a lot of truth in them. The best place for solitude, beneath the trees, a lovely walk in the rain forests will certainly give you that feeling.

    1. I’ve never had a walk in a rain forest – it must be awesome! We took a walk on a boardwalk in the Everglades when I was little, but that’s not a rain forest, it’s a swamp! Do you have rain forests near where you live?

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