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After more than a week of concentrated and intense work on our family history and my garden, I sat down yesterday to catch up on this neglected blog and to visit the blogs of my friends. First I took my turns on Scrabble on Facebook, though, and while playing had my laptop attacked by another virus – apparently the same one (or similar to the one) that infected it when I was playing Scrabble back in March. In spite of my faithfully installing every virus protection update sent to me.

Tech Support (Tim) worked on the situation yesterday and more this morning and then decided to take my laptop to work with him. I’m using his computer for now, again with no access to my word or picture files! But I do have some quote/painting posts scheduled ahead of time that will appear now and then. Feeling a little lost and disconnected…

Typhoid fever! A school child in Connecticut has come down with typhoid fever. Wonder how he or she got it? Hope he or she will be all right…

Decorated for Midsummer this morning…

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  1. As one of your subscribers, it was good to get a notice that you had posted a blog. Like a breath of fresh air, I always enjoy reading your posts.

  2. I was just wondering if you were enlightened since listening to Adyashanti and maybe decided not to blog for awhile! Glad to hear it was “only” a virus. Gosh, I hope the Universe isn’t vetoing your scrabble games. That would not be g-o-o-d.

    1. I would be very sad to have to give up Scrabble. πŸ™ Tried to log on to Facebook on Tim’s computer a few hours ago and a box came up telling me someone might be impersonating me (or does Facebook think I’m impersonating Tim?) and so I gave up.

      I’m enjoying Adyashanti, especially the idea of responding instead of reacting to things that come into our lives. And how the ego is like a shadow, always there even if we’re trying to ignore it. So much nourishment for awareness…

  3. So sad to hear of more computer ills at your house. Makes me think that the original virus still lived on in your computer somehow. At any rate, I’m confident that Tim will fix it so it’s all better.

    Can you believe the show that the rhododendron are putting on this year? Wow! I’m feeling that the warm weather is finally here to stay so I bought my annual tomato plant and basil to go into the vegetable patch.

    What’s coming up in your yard?



    1. πŸ™‚ Janet! I was going to send you a message on Facebook today, but (see my comment above)…

      Speaking of rhododendrons, my Connecticut nature walk guide says there is a Rhododendron Sanctuary in the Mount Misery Cedar Swamp of the Pachaug State Forest in Voluntown. Best time to do this walk is between June 15 and July 15. Interested?

      Are your rhododendrons blooming early or do they bloom later in the forest, I wonder?

      I bought a moonflower and a bamboo pole for it to climb. I have “high” hopes for it! Apparently the white flowers open in the evening. The irises are about done blooming. Weeding and pruning…

  4. Hi Barbara,
    There is nothing worse than getting a virus on your computer, this has also happened to me awhile ago now, but getting rid of it did cost a bit, I also have plenty of virus protection, I have since changed my virus protection, but there are never any guarantees unfortunately. I hope you get your computer back soon.

    1. Thanks, magsx2! Since Tim is a computer analyst we don’t have to pay for his expertise, but this sure is costing him a lot of time. He had to research a fix and apparently performing the fix itself is tedious and time consuming. I hate to think of him using his lunch hour and breaks to work on it, but he’s persistent when it comes to solving problems – very lucky for me!

  5. I’m also sorry to hear of your computer woes but lucky you to have an expert on hand who gives up his lunch hour for you.

    I hadn’t heard about the typhoid outbreak in Connecticut. Oh dear…

  6. Sorry to hear about your computer problems, but good to see your post despite that! Too bad that playing scrabble seems to be so risky. It must be great to have your own personal IT person!

    1. Honestly, I shudder to think what I’d do without my own personal IT person. πŸ™‚ Especially now that his backup, our son, is moving far away… I’ve tentatively started playing Scrabble again, making little sacrifices to the computer sprites, hoping they will leave me alone now!

  7. Sometimes I think the games on Facebook are evil. It was a game on FB that infected my computer a while back. I stopped playing.

    I hope all is well soon. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Robin. What puzzles me is that none of the people I play with have gotten a virus from playing Scrabble on Facebook. Makes me wonder what mysteries are at work in cyberspace. I guess I’m addicted to Scrabble, though – I tried to quit for a couple of days, but….

  8. Also sorry to hear you have managed to collect a virus, especially from something so innocuous as Scrabble!
    I used to play a lot of Scrabble but gave it up as my life got busier, i’ll think twice about going back now.

    1. Thanks, gitwizard. The games I play we only take one turn a day so it doesn’t take up too much time. Did you play on Facebook or some other way? Tim suggests I look for another place to play but I’m reluctant to explore the options, if there are any.

  9. My husband just had a computer virus and spent 6 hours and I don’t know how much money to get it fixed. What a racket! Glad yours is getting fixed for free by a trusted expert!

    1. Thanks, chlost! Your husband has my sympathy. It’s frustrating, that’s for sure, especially when you’re lulled into thinking you’re safe because you installed the best anti-virus protection and all the endless updates.

      I think computers are kind of like cars. It feels like we can’t live with them or live without them. We just try to keep them maintained and hope for the best!

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