unity in diversity

"John Burroughs" by Edward B. Greene
“John Burroughs” by Edward B. Greene

Science tends more and more to reveal to us the unity that underlies the diversity of nature. We must have diversity in our practical lives; we must seize Nature by many handles. But our intellectual lives demand unity, demand simplicity amid all this complexity. Our religious lives demand the same. Amid all the diversity of creeds and sects we are coming more and more to see that religion is one, that verbal differences and ceremonies are unimportant, and that the fundamental agreements are alone significant. Religion as a key or passport to some other world has had its day; as a mere set of statements or dogmas about the Infinite mystery it has had its day. Science makes us more and more at home in this world, and is coming more and more, to the intuitional mind, to have a religious value. Science kills credulity and superstition but to the well-balanced mind it enhances the feeling of wonder, of veneration, and of kinship which we feel in the presence of the marvelous universe. It quiets our fears and apprehensions, it pours oil upon the troubled waters of our lives, and reconciles us to the world as it is.
~ John Burroughs
(Accepting the Universe)

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    1. There IS a lot of food for thought in those words, Robin. It’s wonderful how words have different ways of hitting us depending upon our mindset when reading them…

  1. To enhance “the feeling of wonder, of veneration, and of kinship which we feel in the presence of the marvelous universe.”
    To “quiet our fears and apprehensions, …pour oil upon the troubled waters of our lives, and reconcile us to the world as it is.”
    That’s what it’s all about.

  2. Such a thoughtful piece! We speak about Unity in Diversity, but what matters is how much united we stand in reality. The description is perfect! Thanks for sharing this message ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You’re welcome, Sonali! ๐Ÿ™‚ Unity in diversity is a goal worth striving for, a must if we are to coexist on this little blue planet…

    1. According to Wikipedia John Burroughs was born April 3, 1837 in Roxbury, New York, and died March 29, 1921 (aged 83) on a train near Kingsville, Ohio. I believe it is a photograph, but I can’t seem to find any information on Edward B. Greene. It seems Burroughs was ahead of his time for Western thinkers anyway…

  3. dear and divine…. it is pure wisdom….

    Science is to know nature, religion is to know God.

    Science and religion are two ends of one chain only.

    love all.

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