12 thoughts on “salt water healing”

  1. Hi Barbara,
    A friend of mine swears that the salt water helps with the dry skin on her feet. You often hear of people saying how good the salt water can be for the skin.

    1. I’ve noticed that having a little salt on some popcorn can prevent a migraine from developing, and then there are the naturally occurring salt licks the animals find in nature to strengthen their bones and muscles… Wondering in what ways you use salt in your practice?

  2. I can’t imagine not living close to the ocean. It pulled this prairie girl’s heart away from the hills and grasslands when I was 17.

    What a lovely painting.

    1. Me, either, Colleen. Whenever I read a novel where a character has never seen the ocean I just cannot imagine what that must be like! It makes me realize that I was lucky to grow up where I did…

    1. Harsh? How so? I loved her collection of short stories, “Last Tales,” but other than that and seeing the movies, “Out of Africa” and “Babette’s Feast,” I’m not familiar with most of her writing.

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