A second beautiful gift of art from the delightful Val Erde! Her first gift, you may remember, was “Do the Funky Duck.” Decided to post “Dreamer” while I wait for Fran to return home from work. Tim and Dan are out doing errands – even errands are fun when your brother is there to talk with! 🙂 Tonight Fran and I will firm up our plans for the weekend, including seeing the African Cats movie. 🙂 I hope you will all enjoy Val’s beautiful painting as much as I am!!

“Dreamer” © Val Erde

We are not hypocrites in our sleep. The curb is taken off from our passions, and our imagination wanders at will. When awake, we check these rising thoughts, and fancy we have them not. In dreams, when we are off our guard they return securely and unbidden.
~ William Hazlitt
(Table Talk)

10 thoughts on “dreamer”

  1. Thanks Barbara, and I’m glad you’re enjoying this. If any of your other readers want to come along and grab it, they’re welcome!


    1. Thank you, Rosie! Just after we got here Tim went out to look for a technical book he needs to study for his job. I browsed around the “bargain” section of the bookstore and found the biggest book of quotes I’ve ever seen – and bought it. Now I have to carry it home on the train! 🙂

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